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CEO Perspective

Spotlight: Public Health Takes Center Stage

In December, the city of Bengaluru, India launched a 3Ws communication campaign (Wear a mask, Wash your hands, Watch your distance) supported by the Partnership for Healthy Cities that included posters and audio messages mounted on garbage trucks and other city vehicles. Signage also went up at the city’s main markets and bus terminals and at four prominent intersections, with the messaging running on radio stations as well.

2020 was the year that changed everything. The pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic put public health center stage, and exposed the underinvestment and holes in preparedness that left millions vulnerable to a deadly virus. At the same time, millions of people around the world are facing risks to their overall health as weakened health systems struggle to cope. Vital Strategies worked to support governments so they can respond to coronavirus while maintaining essential services and protections to mitigate multiple health risks, from overdose prevention to tuberculosis control to road safety.

—José Luis Castro 
President and CEO, Vital Strategies 

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What To Watch  

2020 saw our VitalTalks series go virtual, bringing renowned public health speakers who delved into some of the most pressing public health issues of our time and considered where we go from here—including preparing for the next epidemiccountering global food insecurity, and fulfilling the promise that cities can lead the way into a healthier future.

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