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Prevent Epidemics, part of the Resolve to Save Lives initiative at Vital Strategies, has established clear, credible and current information on novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

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Get the latest news and research each week from the Prevent Epidemics COVID-19 Weekly Science Review. Access here.

We also have guidance for older adults, those with underlying health conditions, health care providers and government.

  1. Everybody: Wash hands often, cover coughs and sneezes, stay home when sick and seek medical attention if you have COVID-19 symptoms for more than two days.
  2. Older adults and those with health conditions: Secure a three-month supply of essential medications, avoid crowds and travel, stay home as much as possible.
  3. Health care providers: Implement infection prevention procedures, be ready for a surge of people with mild symptoms, and plan to postpone elective surgery and intensive care support.
  4. Society and government: Provide clear, credible and consistent information about COVID-19, analyze the costs and benefits of social distancing interventions and recognize that we learn more every day and need to adapt our response.

Resources for drug use and COVID-19 risk reduction

Dr. Tom Frieden, President and CEO of our Resolve to Save Lives initiative, gives advice on how to limit the spread of coronavirus.
More information from trusted sources: Country-level information on epidemic preparedness from

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) information

New York Department of Health: 2019 Novel Coronavirus Information

World Health Organization: Daily situational report from the World Health Organization

World Health Organization: Country and Technical Guidance COVID-19

Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security: Situation Reports, COVID-19

Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering: COVID-19 Global Cases (interactive map)

Resolve to Save Lives: Tips for patients with hypertension, diabetes, or other chronic noncommunicable diseases from Resolve to Save Lives

Resolve to Save Lives: Tips for health care providers from Resolve to Save Lives

Resolve to Save Lives: What to know and what to do

World Health Organization: World Health Organization COVID myth busters

Several scientific journals have created coronavirus resource pages with the latest papers from their journals, including The LancetBMJ and JAMA.

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