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We are a global public health organization that designs solutions to pressing health problems. Our reach includes five international offices, a global network of leading experts and impact in 73 countries.

Tobacco Control

Tobacco could kill a billion people this century. Vital Strategies' Tobacco Control Program has worked in 41 countries to deliver evidence-based campaigns and build local capacity to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco, including e-cigarettes. Our campaigns encourage quitting, delay initiation and support policy goals, such as smoke-free environments and tobacco tax increases.

Spotlight: Tobacco Control

There’s good news in tobacco control: the latest WHO data projects a first-ever decline in the number of male smokers. But the positive trend is tempered by the tobacco industry’s continued, relentless marketing of cigarettes in low- and middle-income countries. At the same time, Big Tobacco is reaping huge profits by addicting a new generation of users to nicotine through e-cigarettes—despite concerns and many unknowns about the products’ harms.

Healthy Food Policy Fellowship

Vital Strategies’ Healthy Food Policy Fellowship will support Ph.D. candidates in Barbados, Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico and South Africa who are committed to pursuing work in a field that will allow them to contribute to healthier food environments in their country of origin or residence through public policy.