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Our Team

Our world-class public health talent and team of 400 professionals tackle the most pressing global challenges in order to save lives.

Leadership Team

José Luis Castro
President and CEO

Wallace D’Souza
Chief Financial and Administration Officer

Adam Karpati
Senior Vice President Public Health Programs

Sandra Mullin
Senior Vice President Policy, Advocacy and Communication

Daniel Kass
Senior Vice President of Environmental, Climate and Urban Health

Siddhi Aryal
Regional Director, Asia Pacific Hub

Pedro de Paula
Country Director, Brazil

Sylviane Ratte
Director, Road Safety & European Office Director

LM Singh
Managing Director India and Global Head, Partnerships, and Innovative Finance

Gan Quan
Senior Vice President, Tobacco Control

Barrett Prinz
General Counsel

Andrew Rendeiro
Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Laurel Wade
Senior Vice President, Partnerships and Development

Country Directors

Daniel Molla Chekol
Country Director, Ethiopia and Deputy Director, Road Safety, Africa

Cao Ying
Country Director, China

Our Teams
New York City team in March 2019