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Business and Consulting Opportunities

Vital Strategies strives to purchase high-quality goods and services at the best value in a timely and transparent manner, which includes the publication of all solicitations. All of our open solicitations for business and consulting opportunities are listed in this section for any prospective supplier to see and consider. Instructions on how to respond are included within each solicitation.

Current Opportunities

These solicitations are for goods and services to be provided to Vital Strategies in any countries it works in.

Emergency Preparedness and Response Consultant – Brazil

Solicitation Type: Request for Proposal from Independent Consultants

Due Date: December 15, 2021

Site of work: Brazil

Description: To apply the 717- timeliness metrics to real examples of outbreaks that occurred in Brazil over the last 2 years to assess the effectiveness of the existing clinical, laboratory, and public health detection and response systems.

Podcast Consultant – Remote

Solicitation Type: Request for Proposal from Independent Consultants

Due Date: December 3, 2021

Site of work: Remote

Description: Vital Strategies is looking for a contractor to assist in publishing recorded audio sessions as podcasts and advising our staff on a workflow/platform for continuous update of our podcast.

Solicitação de Proposta Inquérito Telefônico

Solicitation Type: Request for Proposal (> USD $100,000)

Due Date: December 8, 2021

Site of work: Brazil

Description: Realizar o monitoramento dos principais fatores de risco e proteção para doenças crônicas não transmissíveis e da ocorrência da COVID-19 em amostra probabilística da população adulta residente em domicílios servidos por linhas telefônicas fixas e móveis no Brasil e nas cinco grandes regiões no ano de 2022, além de comparar a prevalência dos fatores de risco no período pré-pandemia com a situação atual, em meio à pandemia. A contratação da prestação de serviço será realizada pela Vital Strategies Brasil.