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Business and Consulting Opportunities

Vital Strategies strives to purchase high-quality goods and services at the best value in a timely and transparent manner, which includes the publication of all solicitations. All of our open solicitations for business and consulting opportunities are listed in this section for any prospective supplier to see and consider. Instructions on how to respond are included within each solicitation.

Current Opportunities

These solicitations are for goods and services to be provided to Vital Strategies in any countries it works in.

Contratação de consultoria técnica para o gerenciamento de projetos de Saúde Ambiental

Type of Solicitation: Request for proposal from independent consultants

Due Date: August 25, 2023

Site of Work: Brazil

Description: A Vital Strategies está buscando 1 (um/a) consultor(a) qualificado(a) para gerenciar e desenvolver projetos de Saúde Ambiental e Mudanças Climáticas para o Brasil.