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Accelerating City Progress on Clean Air: Innovation and Action Guide

Poor air quality is responsible for more than 5 million deaths a year. With 55% of people living in urban areas globally, cities are critical to addressing this growing health crisis.

“Accelerating City Progress on Clean Air: Innovation and Action Guide” is a guide to fast-tracking proven approaches and innovations for rapid air quality improvements. The guide is designed to help cities developing air quality management capacity and explicitly addresses the roles of cities in local actions as well as regional, state and national policy and implementation. It is intended for government officials, their partners and other stakeholders developing clean air programs for cities and other urban areas in low and middle income countries.

The guide provides a step-by-step, phased approach for accelerating clean air progress, with a focus on four critical priority areas for action: monitoring air quality; assessing emissions and sources; expanding data access and use; and organizing for action.