Road Safety

Partnering with strong mayors in ten global cities, we work to reduce injury and death from road crashes, currently, a leading cause of death globally. We support these cities in changing driver behavior, road design and transportation systems, building data systems and implementing strong road safety policies.

1.2M people worldwide are killed in road traffic crashes annually – over 90% in low- and middle-income countries. Half of these deaths are “vulnerable road users”: pedestrians, cyclists and drivers of motorized two-wheelers. Under current trends, road traffic crashes will become the world’s seventh leading cause of death by 2030.


In 2015, Vital Strategies became an implementing partner of the $250 million Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety, which aims to reduce traffic fatalities in ten global cities and five countries. The focus of the initiative is to assist governments in implementing a broad, multi-year plan of action that includes legislation, enforcement, strategic communication and infrastructure improvements. Vital Strategies will work with a cadre of other international partners to provide necessary technical assistance. Specifically Vital Strategies will serve as the main liaison with the Mayor’s office in each participating city and assist cities in building mechanisms to monitor progress on road safety. Vital Strategies will also help cities develop strategic marketing and media campaigns to promote safer driving and compliance with regulations. 

Major behaviors that drive road injury include lack of helmet wearing or seat belt restraints, along with drink driving and speeding.