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Viet Nam – Road Safety – Mother

This broadcast video, “Mother,” depicts a speeding car crashing into a mother and a child on a motorcycle. It also shows the child grieving the loss of his mother as the driver of the car realizes the result of his speeding. A famous doctor from the largest surgical hospital in Viet Nam ends the video by asking drivers to think about the consequences of speeding and urging them to control their speed on the road.

“Mother” was part of the national media campaign “Follow the speed limit!” that was designed and implemented by Vital Strategies and the Vietnam National Traffic Safety Committee. The campaign aired for two weeks on national channels and followed by a four week broadcast plan in three Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety cities—Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. “Follow the speed limit!” aims to deter drivers from exceeding posted speed limits with the message: “The faster you drive, the deadlier the consequences.”