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Identifying the Main Sources of Air Pollution in Jakarta: A Source Apportionment Study

Indonesia has the highest number of premature deaths associated with air pollution in Southeast Asia. In the capital city of Jakarta, the levels of fine particulate matter (PM2.5), the pollutant most hazardous to health, routinely exceed that of the World Health Organization’s air quality guidelines by four to five times. Obtaining information on the leading sources of pollution, will help identify and prioritize the most effective clean air policy solutions. 

Vital Strategies worked with the Bandung Institute of Technology to identify the leading sources of ambient PM2.5 levels in and around Jakarta. This is the first publicly released multisite source apportionment study of Jakarta’s airshed. Results suggest that the sources of air pollution in Jakarta are emitted both locally and beyond Jakarta’s city boundaries. The main sources include vehicular emission, open burning, construction, soil and road dust, and coal combustion. 

Download the summary in English or Bahasa Indonesia 

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