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Meet our global team at Vital Strategies.

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Our Team

José Luis Castro

President and Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Rendeiro

Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Carma Davis

Executive Assistant

Nana Young

Assistant to the President on Strategic Initiatives

Wallace D’Souza

Chief Financial Officer

Mili Chowfla

Senior Vice President

Steven Aguirre

Finance Officer

Nelly Alvarez

Deputy Director - Accounting

Akil Charles

Grant Assistant

Janet Durgapersaud

Deputy Director - Decision Support

Rick Greene

Senior Grants Manager

Jeremiah Martin

Grants Manager - Public Health Programs

Cynthia Gosso

Executive Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer

Jeffrey Hale

Grants Manager

Jason Lee

Accounting Manager

Fanny Long

Deputy Director - Budget and Grants Management

Michelle Richards

Grants Manager, Tobacco Control/STOP

Anjan Sandhu

Grants Manager, Environmental Health and Operations

Shahzada Rasheed

Finance Officer

Sukhi Sawhney

Enterprise Resource Planning Project Manager

Namratha Shetty

Accounting Manager

Cheryl Lundy

Finance Officer

Jose Taveras

Finance Officer

Naman Udeshi

Enterprise Resource Planning Administrator

Claude Williams

Grant Assistant

YunFei (Kevin) Xue

Accounting Manager

Lucy Tong

Finance Manager

Shefkije Zariqi

Program Finance Assistant - Partnership for Healthy Cities

Tamar Renaud

Chief Operating Officer

Marie McNamee

Global Director, Human Resources

Deborah Collins

Vice President, Operations

Fiona Buchan

Head of Human Resources

Daniel Schaefer

Chief Technology Officer

Aaron Acharya

Global Travel and Safety Manager

Lydia Agopian

Program Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer

Susan Biegler

Senior Talent Advisor

Shreya Budhraja

International Human Resources Officer

Bethany Suarez

Human Resources Officer, Payroll and Benefits

Ebony Irby

Human Resources Officer

Bwezani Manda

Travel Officer

Rose Paxton

Legal Assistant

Tariq Rasuli

Compliance Officer

Dewey Rodriguez

Technical Support Administrator

Chad Turner

In-House Legal Counsel

Chantal Khoury

Front Desk Coordinator

I.D. Rusen

Senior Vice President

Gay Bronson

Deputy Director, Research Division/Senior Project Advisor

Racquel Enad

Grants Officer

Hal Glasser

Contracts Attorney

Meera Gurumurthy

Clinical Research Officer (Singapore)

Purnima Jolly

Senior Finance Officer - Research Division

Samantha Kozikott

Technical Officer

Jan Komrska

Senior Pharmacist

Jessica Nan

Technical Officer

Leena Patel

Senior Technical Officer

Ishmael Qawiy


Kate West

Program Assistant

Sandra Mullin

Senior Vice President, PAC

Stephen Hamill

Vice President, PAC

Nandita Murukutla

Vice President, Global Policy and Research

Rebecca Perl

Vice President, Partnerships and Initiatives

Jorge Alday

Director, STOP (Stopping Tobacco Organizations and Products)

Yayne Hailu

Content Strategist

Enrico Aditjondro

Associate Director, Southeast Asia

Luiza Amorim

Communication Manager, Brazil

Dorian Block

Senior Writer

Taterech Biratu

Program Administrator

Maria Fernanda Cardenas

Communication Manager, Colombia

Tom Carroll

Senior Advisor

Winnie Yu Chen

Head, China Communication Program

Sally Chew

Communication Coordinator, Partnership for Healthy Cities

Trish Cotter

Senior Policy and Communication Advisor

Christina Curell

Communication Associate

Phi Do Thi

Communication Officer, Vietnam

Kaloi (Carlos) Garcia

Communication Manager, Philippines

Christina Honeysett

Director, Public Relations

Johnny Hsu

Director, Creative

Shafiqul Islam

Head of Programs, Bangladesh

Tracey Johnston

Associate Director

Tsion Kiros

Communication Manager, Ethiopia - Consultant

Alexey Kotov

Director, Obesity Prevention and Senior Technical Advisor

Vaishakhi Malik

Associate Director, South Asia

Dora Maradiaga

NCD Policy and Advocacy Officer

Victoria Marijani

Communication Manager, Tanzania

Irina Morozova

Director of the Road Safety Communication Program

Nalin Negi

Senior Research Manager - Consultant

Brianna Paden-Williams

Public Relations Associate

Pallavi Puri

Communication Associate

Yosef Rabindanta

Social Media Officer, Indonesia

Ancha Rachfiansyah

Communication Officer, Indonesia

Benjamin Gonzalez Rubio Aguilar

Communcation Manager, Mexico

Kristi Saporito

Communication Manager, Road Safety

Karen Schmidt

Editorial Director and Senior Technical Advisor

Dane Svenson

Associate Director, Digital Strategy

Sarah Tan

Associate Graphic Designer

Maria Sarungi Tsehai

Media Advisor, Africa

Md Nasir Uddin

Country Manager, Bangladesh

Ilona Van De Braak

Communication Manager, Myanmar

Kali Villarosa

Special Assistant PAC team

Shuo Wang

Research and Evaluation Manager

Sharan Kuganesan

Program Manager - Global Tobacco Control and STOP Programs

Adam Karpati

Senior Vice President, Public Health Programs

Philip Setel

Vice President & Director

Sharon Kim-Gibbons

Deputy Director, Public Health Programs

Martin Bratschi

Deputy Director (Singapore)

Nancy Bui

Deputy Director, Project Management

Fatima Marinho

Senior Technical Advisor - MCCOD

Daliah Heller

Director of Drug Use Initiatives

Tony Newman

Director of Communication, Overdose Prevention Program

Alejandro Alves

Deputy Director, Senior Technical Advisor, Overdose Prevention Program

Kathryn Boulton

Legal Technical Advisor, Overdose Prevention Program

Julie Rwan

Senior Program Officer, Overdose Prevention Program

Tracy Pugh

Senior Program Officer, Overdose Prevention Program

Esther Mae Rosner

Program Officer, Overdose Prevention Program

Benjamin Clapham

Senior Program Officer

Richard Delaney

Deputy Director

Cynthia Driver

Senior Technical Advisor

Grant Ennis

Regional Deputy Director - Asia (Singapore)

Mariana Espinosa Estrada

Program Officer

Cecilia Fabrizio

Senior Technical Advisor

Ashley Frederes

Technical Advisor

Cari Fundora

Program Assistant

Charity Hung

Deputy Project Director

Ruxana Jina

Senior Technical Advisor - Data Impact Program

Yvette Jones

Administrative Officer

Mohammed Khogali

Senior Technical Advisor

Ramya Kancharla

Program Officer (Singapore)

Farnaz Malik

Senior Project Officer

Raven Meade

Program Assistant, CRVS Improvement Program

Mine Metitiri

Senior Program Officer

Veronica Vargas

Program Officer, Overdose Prevention Project

Marisa Miller

Program Assistant

Andres Montes

Senior Program Officer (Singapore)

James Mwanza

Senior Program Officer

Joseph Ngamije

Program Officer

Tara O'Rourke

Program Operations Officer

Luis Armando Ocaranza Ordaz

Program Officer - Business Intelligence Solutions

Magdalena Paczkowski

Senior Technical Advisor

Sylviane Ratte

Project Director

Jonas Romo

Regional Deputy Director - Latin America

Ariella Rojhani

Project Director

Romain Santon

Senior Program Officer (Singapore)

Lara Tabac

Senior Technical Advisor

Ana Gutierrez

Program Assistant - Data for Health Initiative

Joan Sarah Thomas

Senior Program Officer (Singapore)

Valencia Lyle

Senior Program Officer

Tsiry Rakoto

Program Operations Officer - Data for Health Initiative

Sara Whitehead


Diana Kumar

Monitoring and Evaluation Associate

Margaret Dukes

Program Assistant - Overdose Prevention Program

Laura Moen

Program Assistant

Daniel Kass

Senior Vice President

Tom Matte

Senior Scientific Advisor

Sumi Mehta

Senior Epidemiologist for Global Environmental Health

Russell Dowling

Program Officer

Carisse Hamlet

Environmental Health Research Assistant

Aanchal Mehta

Communications Lead

Neil Schluger


Lynn Tang

Director of Programs

Alfredo Espinosa

Senior Business Development Officer

Tom Frieden

President & CEO

Jeannie Mantopoulos

Chief Operating Officer

Marc Jaffe

Senior Vice President, Cardiovascular Health Team

Ping Hu

Director, Clinical Informatics

Amanda McClelland

Senior Vice President, Prevent Epidemics Team

Adefunke Ajenikoko

Program Assistant, CVH Resolve

Marine Buissonniere

Senior Advisor, Prevent Epidemics Team

Emma Bradford

Communication Associate

Daniel Burka

Director of Design, Digital Solutions Team, Cardiovascular Health Team

Tim Cheadle

Director of Engineering, Digital Solutions Team, Cardiovascular Health Team

Laura Cobb

Director, Cardiovascular Health Team

Lindsay Joseph

Program Officer, LINKS

Terry Cullen

Director, Digital Solutions Team, Cardiovascular Health Team

Sharmila Das

Finance Manager Consultant, India, Cardiovascular Health Team

Meg Farrell

Senior Program Officer, Cardiovascular Health Team

Nicole Ide

Program Officer, Sodium and Surveillance

Mansi Kapoor

Executive Assistant Consultant, India, Cardiovascular Health Team

Lalit Kant

Director of Programmes Consultant, India, Cardiovascular Health Team

Dorothy Lohnau

Grant Operations Manager

Tamia McCormick

Contracts Coordinator

Robynn Leidig

Manager, Strategic Initiatives

Christopher Lee

Senior Technical Officer, Prevent Epidemics Team

Louise Lopez

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

Anupam Pathni

Senior Consultant, India, Cardiovascular Health Team

Leena Ramanan

Administration Manager Consultant, India, Cardiovascular Health Team

Cyrus Shahpar

Director, Prevent Epidemics Team

Colby Wilkason

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