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Policy, Advocacy and Communication

Sandra Mullin
Senior Vice President

Stephen Hamill
Vice President

Nandita Murukutla
Vice President, Global Policy and Research

Rebecca Perl
Vice President, Partnerships and Initiatives

Enrico Aditjondro
Associate Director for Southeast Asia

Nana Asase
Executive Assistant, Policy, Advocacy and Communication

Jorge Alday
Director, STOP (Stopping Tobacco Organizations and Products)

Julia Berenson
Technical Research Writer

Taterech Biratu
Grants and Contracts Manager

Dorian Block
Senior Writer

Nicole Bohrer-Kaplan
Communication Manager

Maria Fernanda Cardenas
Communication Manager, Colombia

Tom Carroll
Communication Consultant

Winnie Yu Chen
Head of China Communication Program

Sally Chew
Senior Communication Manager

Trish Cotter
Senior Advisor

Ally Davis
PR and Marketing Senior Manager

Kaloi (Carlos) Garcia
Communication Manager, Philippines

Benjamin Gonzalez Rubio Aguilar
Communcation Manager, Mexico

Yayne Hailu
Senior Content Strategist

Shantal Henry
Senior Designer

Alyssa Holder
Social Media Associate, STOP

Christina Honeysett
Director, Public Relations

Johnny Hsu
Creative Director

Shafiqul Islam
Senior Advisor

Tracey Johnston
Senior Communication Advisor

Tsion Kiros
Project Manager

Alexey Kotov
Director, Obesity Prevention and Senior Technical Advisor

Sharan Kuganesan
Program Manager, Global Tobacco Control and STOP

Namrata Kumar
Policy Research Assistant

Wenzhou Liang
Communication Officer, China

Amie Liu
Program Coordinator, Tobacco Control Enforcement

Allegra Lynn
Digital Communication Manager, STOP

Meena Maharjan
Research Assistant

Vaishakhi Malik
Associate Director, South Asia

Gloria Malone
Digital Strategist

Irina Morozova
Director of the Road Safety Communication Program

Nalin Negi
Senior Research Manager, Consultant

Tony Newman
Director of Communication, Overdose Prevention

Manish Pant
Communication Manager

Pallavi Puri
Program Associate, Obesity Prevention

Yosef Rabindanata
Social Media Officer, Indonesia

Ancha Rachfiansyah
Communication Officer, Indonesia

Hana Raskin
Resource and Program Associate

Erin Sandberg
Senior Writer, STOP

Kristi Saporito
Senior Communication Manager, Road Safety

Karen Schmidt
Editorial Director and Senior Technical Advisor

David Shin
Designer, STOP

Dane Svenson
Associate Director, Digital Strategy

Ramisa Tasnim
Marketing and Communications Assistant

Md. Nasir Uddin
Country Manager, Bangladesh

Shuo Wang
Research and Evaluation Manager