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Spotlight: Tobacco Control

Tobacco control is Vital Strategies’ longest-running program, and we have seen some remarkable results in the past decade: more and more countries have instituted comprehensive tobacco control policies, high taxes, plain packaging or graphic warnings on cigarette packs, regulations that keep public places smoke-free, and regular mass media campaigns to encourage people to quit. 

But even as smoking continues to decline in some places, the rise of e-cigarettes is fueling a new wave of nicotine addiction, and young people are turning into lucrative customers for Big Tobacco. Our latest Vital Talks, “Hope Meets Reality: E-Cigarettes, a Public Health Harm or Harm Reduction?” and a new report from STOP“Addiction at Any Cost: PMI Uncovered” reveal the truth behind Big Tobacco’s efforts to hook a new generation, while still marketing cigarettes wherever they can.

What to Watch

E-Cigarettes: A Public Health Harm or Harm Reduction? 

Our latest Vital Talks, featured Matthew Meyers, President and CEO of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, and Johanna Cohen, Bloomberg Professor of Disease Prevention and the Director of the Institute for Global Tobacco Control at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. 

Watch the video

Expert Focus

Judith Mackay, Senior Advisor Tobacco Control

In this Q&A written in conjunction with the release of our report Crooked Nine: Nine Ways the Tobacco Industry Undermines Health Policy, Judith Mackay outlines Big Tobacco’s continued push to keep users hooked worldwide. 

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Rebecca Perl, Vice President, Policy, Advocacy and Communication

Rebecca Perl outlines the history and the future of Vital’s work on tobacco control. 

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CEO Perspective

Learn more about President and CEO José Luis Castro’s standpoint on e-cigarettes and the vaping epidemic. 

E-Cigarettes: A Looming Threat to Global Progress

Youth Vaping on the Rise

E-Cigarette Ban in India

Global Policy Watch 

What’s behind Phillip Morris’s claim of working towared a smoke-free world?  Read the most recent report from STOP, Addiction at Any Cost: The Truth About Philip Morris International

Download the report here

Shining the Light on Tobacco Industry Allies

Some tobacco industry allies are easy to spot, such as tobacco trade associations or public relations firms working for tobacco companies.  But the industry also disguises its operations using seemingly independent organizations. Use this interactive tool to uncover the groups that are undermining public health. 

A Global Guide to Industry Interference 

In October, we published the first ever index of how well governments in 33 countries are protecting health policy from tobacco industry meddling. The index is available in six languages. 

Access the index and companion website.  

From The Field 

Vital Strategies has worked with 41 countries to deliver evidence-based, population-level campaigns and build local capacity to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this global threat. Learn more about some of our targeted, innovative campaigns. 

Turkey’s Groundbreaking Anti-Industry Campaign

Social Media vs. Big Tobacco: These Young Indonesian Activists are Playing to Win

X-Ray: Smoker’s Lungs are Focus of Sobering Photos

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