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CEO Perspective

“The Government of India’s decisive action to protect youth from e-cigarettes complements its work to reduce India’s tobacco epidemic”

Statement from Jose Luis Castro, President and Chief Executive Officer at Vital Strategies, on the Government of India’s decision to implement a nationwide ban on the sale, manufacture, import and advertising of e-cigarettes:

“We applaud the government of India for taking decisive action to protect the country’s youth from e-cigarettes. This decision complements the government’s ongoing work to reduce India’s tobacco epidemic. This will help India avert the escalating youth vaping crisis seen in other countries, fueled by unscrupulous marketing and kid-friendly flavors. It will also protect youth from the harms of nicotine exposure through e-cigarette use, from addiction to negative impacts on adolescent brain development.

In the United States, unregulated introduction of e-cigarettes into the market has led to an epidemic of youth vaping, with a jump of 73% over a single year. We urge governments around the world to join India in regulating e-cigarettes in line with circumstances in their own country, to prevent e-cigarette use among adolescents and youth and stop these products from undermining efforts to reduce tobacco use.”