The Tobacco Atlas

Since 2002, The Tobacco Atlas has been the definitive resource for global tobacco data. Available in English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Mandarin, the Atlas has aided journalists, government officials and members of the public health community in the on-going fight against the tobacco epidemic. We believe that by engaging a wide-ranging array of health, legal, economic, development and environmental proponents and demonstrating how tobacco use affects their issues, we can amplify our impact.

Published every few years, The Tobacco Atlas has always been a collaborative effort between World Health Organization and other public health organizations. Coordinated by leading figures in pulmonary care and public health, the end result is a text-book quality, visually compelling depiction of the scale of tobacco’s impact around the world.

The most recent edition of The Tobacco Atlas, co-authored by World Lung Foundation (now Vital Strategies, following WLF's merger with The Union North America) and American Cancer Society, was published in 2015 and launched in Dubai at the World Conference on Tobacco OR Health.

The Tobacco Atlas may be found online at