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COVID-19 Resources for people who use drugs and other vulnerable communities

Promoting health and safety during COVID19 with tailored resources and information

This page contains guidance documents, government advisories, and tools for people who use drugs and stakeholders likely to engage with people who use drugs.

We are excited to share our newest toolkit, COVID-19 Resources for People Who Use Drugs and Other Vulnerable Communities. The toolkit, created by Higher Ground Harm Reduction, Reynolds Health Strategies and global health organization Vital Strategies, provides informative fact sheets, tips and guidance for people who use drugs, engage in sex work, those who are unhoused, and the stakeholders who work with these communities. You may download the full toolkit in English or Español or directly download the information you need below.

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Administering Naloxone During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Additional Information

People who use drugs and
harm reduction providers

Additional Resources

Providing medications for
opioid use disorder(MOUD)

Additional Resources

People who are justice-involved

Additional Resources

Notifications on drug treatment from federal agencies

Additional Resources

Resources for Vulnerable Populations During COVID-19

Additional Resources

WHO’s 2019 coronavirus page and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention coronavirus page are good sources of up-to-date information.

For updates tracking the spread of coronavirus visit the Prevent Epidemics coronavirus page.

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