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Improving Lives and Shaping Health Policy With Communication Campaigns

Our Overdose Prevention Program’s “Support Harm Reduction” campaign included mobile billboards driven around the Washington, D.C. area.

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In an era when information flows incessantly and opinions are formed with lightning speed, the significance of communication campaigns in shaping public policy cannot be overstated.

At Vital Strategies, our public health communication campaigns aim to tell great stories, deliver them well and create meaningful change.

Our campaigns are addressing the pivotal topics that are shaping global health—creating healthier food environments, protecting people from the harms of tobacco, making our roads safer for all, and increasing support for harm reduction for people who use drugs.

Our goal: a society where good health is possible for all.

Leveraging our expertise in public health and strategic communication, we’ve partnered with local governments and civil society organizations across 140 countries to spearhead hundreds of strategic communication campaigns.

To combat skyrocketing rates of obesity, diabetes and related diseases, South African civil society groups, with support from Vital Strategies, implemented a media campaign to emphasize the dangers of sugary drinks.

Our new Campaign Beacon spotlights effective and innovative communication campaigns addressing pivotal issues shaping global health.

Through a series of case studies and real-world examples, illustrates the relationship between well-crafted communication campaigns and the advancement of public policy objectives, and campaigns’ unique power to influence public opinion, mobilize stakeholders, and ultimately shape the public health policy agenda.

“It’s possible to achieve policy wins which protect the health of our people if civil society, researchers and other stakeholders rally together with tenacity and commitment.”

At our recent VitalTalks Live event hosted in New York City, communication experts from Vital Strategies, Truth Initiative and The Rockefeller Foundation discussed the transformative potential of media in promoting health and well-being for all. 

Experts shared insights on the challenges in today’s evolving digital landscape, the importance of investment in campaigns alongside public health programs, and innovative communication approaches that can be a driving force for change.

New Video Series with our experts

Accompanying our website launch is the debut of a new video series providing insights and guidance on crafting effective communication campaigns for public policy initiatives. Topics cover how to leverage storytelling for positive change, the building blocks of behavior change, working with governments to make campaigns sustainable, and how AI is changing the campaign landscape. features the work of our Policy Advocacy and Communication team of more than 60 experts in communication and public health working around the world. Meet some of them here.