Strategic Communication

Clear and impactful communication is critical to the functioning of any public health program, whether working to change harmful behaviors among a population, promoting new policies or managing public information in a health crisis. Vital Strategies has expertise across the spectrum including advertising, media relations, social and mobile media, and community-level engagement.

The hallmark of our strategic communication work is scale: more than 2 billion people have been exposed to our 150 + communication campaigns since we started running them in 2008.  In keeping with our public health roots, every campaign is grounded in both a rich understanding of the issue, whether it be tobacco use, rising obesity rates or road injuries.  

Policy Advocacy

We use media advocacy and data resources like The Tobacco Atlas -  the most quoted source for global tobacco control data and policy – to drive adoption of best practice and policies.

Project Management

Initiatives managed by our legacy organizations have distributed more than $US 100 million to governments and civil society groups in more than 96 countries.

Strategic Communication

More than 2 billion people have been reached by one of our campaigns, using paid media like TV, social and mobile media, and community-level mobilization.

Workplace Development

Since 2010 our staff have trained more than 5100 people from 136 countries in critical public health areas.


STREAM TB clinical trial in several countries has potential to reduce treatment duration from 24 to 6 months. Vital Strategies will continue this promising work with Union offices and partners around the world.

Epidemiology and Surveillance

Our Data For Health Program is working to improve data collection and analysis in twenty countries