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Vital Strategies Receives Award for Global Media Campaign on Road Safety

International Safety Media Award given in recognition of a data-driven approach to campaign design

(Bangkok, Thailand) – Vital Strategies was honored at the International Safety Media Awards at the 13th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety in Bangkok, Thailand. Also recognized were eight Vital Strategies-supported road safety campaigns produced under the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety (BIGRS) in collaboration with participating cities.

Irina Morozova director of the road safety communication program; Tom Carroll, senior advisor; Kwanta Norkum, communication officer, Bangkok, and Surat Jaroenchaisakul, Deputy Director of the Bangkok Traffic and Transportation Department


The eight city campaigns, including six public service announcements and two full campaigns, addressed road safety risk factors including drink driving, speeding, helmet wearing and seat-belts.

“With the right interventions, road traffic crashes and injuries are entirely preventable,” said Sandra Mullin, Senior Vice President at Vital Strategies. “We know that hard-hitting media campaigns, paired with strong enforcement, can change behavior. Research and evaluation are key to developing effective campaigns that tackle the most critical issues in each city. We’re honored to be recognized at this year’s International Safety Media Awards, and proud of the cities we partner with for their commitment to saving lives on the world’s roads.”

Vital Strategies received the Evaluation Methodology and Outcomes Award for its commitment to a data-driven approach to campaign design. Vital Strategies employs rigorous message testing and post-campaign evaluation methodology to track impact and fuel continued action that’s backed by strong data. As a BIGRS implementing partner, Vital Strategies provides technical assistance to governments in 10 cities around the world to develop data-driven campaigns addressing the four road safety risk factors responsible for the majority of crashes, injuries and deaths: speeding, drink driving, lack of proper helmet use and lack of seat-belt use.

This year, more than 400 pieces of media were submitted to the ISMA from 42 countries. A jury of 11 injury prevention and media specialists from nine countries selected winners across seven categories based on production quality, message clarity, innovation and creativity, and evaluation methods and outcomes. The International Safety Media Awards has recognized high-quality safety media from around the world since 2006.

“We congratulate Vital Strategies on being recognized with this well-deserved Evaluation Methodology and Outcomes Award,” said Kelly Larson, Program Director for Road Safety at Bloomberg Philanthropies. “Vital Strategies’ work with city governments to develop hard-hitting media campaign designs is a critical component of our work to reduce deaths and injuries on the world’s roads.”

Six PSAs tied to win awards in the Ultra Short Video category. These campaigns featured original city public service announcements, with technical assistance provided by Vital Strategies:

– Bandung, Indonesia’s 2016 “Click for Safety” helmet-wearing campaign, and its second installment on seat-belt use in 2017.

– Bangkok, Thailand’s 2016 “Click for Safety” helmet-wearing campaign, and its 2017 “Never Drink and Drive” campaign.

– Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s 2018 “Slow Down” campaign.

– Fortaleza, Brazil’s 2017 “Mother” helmet-wearing campaign.

The following campaigns, also produced with technical assistance from Vital Strategies, received honorable mention recognition in the Campaign with Multiple Pieces of Media category:

– Ho Chi Minh City’s 2016 “Never Drink and Drive” campaign.

– Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s 2018 “Never Drink and Drive” campaign.

Since 2015, Vital Strategies has supported 28 media campaigns across the 10 participating Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety cities.

About Vital Strategies

Vital Strategies is a global health organization that believes every person should be protected by a strong public health system. Our programs reach into 73 countries and help prevent death and illness from noncommunicable disease, reduce harm caused by environmental factors, and support cities as engines for public health. We consult with governments on issues including restricting junk food marketing to kids, promoting smoke-free laws, improving indoor and outdoor air quality, and strengthening road safety. These are protections that can add up to millions of lives saved. Our team combines evidence-based strategies with innovation to help develop and implement sound public health policies, manage programs efficiently, strengthen data systems, conduct research and design strategic communication campaigns for policy and behavior change.

To find out more, please visit or Twitter @VitalStrat.

About the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety

The Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety (BIGRS) works with the world’s leading road safety organizations to implement road safety activities and coordinate with in-country governmental and non-governmental stakeholders. BIGRS places an emphasis on achieving outcomes, and on using high-quality monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to continually assess progress.