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Vital Strategies Congratulates Resolve to Save Lives as They Launch as an Independent Organization

“Congratulations to Dr. Tom Frieden and our colleagues at Resolve to Save Lives as they launch as a fully independent, U.S.-based and registered nonprofit organization. We are proud to have incubated Resolve as an initiative of Vital Strategies and nurtured their path to independence over the past five years. We look forward to our continued partnership, particularly in our shared focus areas of noncommunicable disease (NCD) prevention and addressing the impacts of COVID-19.

As the COVID-19 threat emerged in early 2020, Vital Strategies and Resolve’s ability to quickly pivot was instrumental in adding to global guidance and providing critical real-time support to dozens of governments. Organizationally, more than 100 Vital and 50 Resolve staff collaborated to support government partners during the emerging crisis. Led by the expertise of Resolve to Save Lives’ Prevent Epidemics team, our joint efforts shored up invaluable data on excess mortality where it was desperately needed, supported dozens of cities in COVID-19 response, created new guidance and monitoring for public health and social measures to prevent COVID-19, and resourced a dozen countries in launching technically sound behavior change campaigns on masking and COVID-19 prevention. Similarly, we made progress on our shared commitment to reduce NCDs through practical strategies such as smart food warning labels. We’re immensely proud of the success of our collective efforts and look forward to continued partnership.

Vital Strategies sees our healthiest future in fruitful collaborations with global, national and local partners that make an impact on today’s leading health challenges. Energized by our Reimagine Public Health campaign, we are calling for a bolder, better, more equitable approach to health across our five focus areas: Noncommunicable Diseases, Injury Prevention, Urban Health, Public Health Systems, and Environmental Health and Climate Change.

Everyone deserves to be protected by equitable and effective public health systems. Our dedicated team of scientists, policy analysts, advocates and communicators continues to provide technical assistance and expertise to governments and civil society organizations to meet today’s challenges head on as we respond to the world’s greatest health threats—both existing and emerging.”