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September 11, 2017

A year of growth, breakthroughs, and lives saved: Our 2016 annual report

Our portfolio of issues spans some of the world’s most challenging health issues. We’re preventing non-communicable diseases and injuries, advancing clinical trials under difficult conditions, mounting media campaigns that reach hundreds of millions of people, strengthening government capacity in a number of critical public health areas, and much more – with impact that reaches more than sixty countries.

This incredibly diverse global work has a common backbone– a unique approach and values that keep us focused on driving rapid progress. These overarching values are urgency, quality, partnership, and our multidisciplinary approach.

They are the connective tissue that runs through the stories in our inaugural 2016 Annual Report, available now on our website. We’re proud that this report captures not just the scope and intent of our work, but the stories of individuals whose lives we touch everyday through our programs. Some are stories of innovation and perseverance. Some are profiles of individuals determined to make their voices heard despite ailing health. All attest to our capabilities as an evidence-based, results driven organization that is ready to take on every health challenge we face.

The report covers a year of tremendous growth and transformation. But it is not just a look back at our accomplishments; it is also designed to inspire us to think about what is possible in the future, and consider how we can continue to help people live longer and healthier lives. We hope this report can give our supporters greater insight into why our shared work is so important and how we can work together to advance a world where every person is protected by a strong public health system.

View the Annual Report here

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