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Vital Stories

Reimagining Public Health Together: Vital’s Community Responds

Vital Strategies

In a world reshaped by COVID-19, Vital Strategies has ignited a conversation, asking thousands of our followers, partners and staff from around the world to share what public health means to them personally.

At a time when health departments around the globe are in crisis and public health remains underfunded and under threat, Reimagine Public Health is mobilizing a movement that champions the importance and relevance of public health in our everyday lives and the importance of restoring trust in these essential institutions.

Public health is exactly that: Public. It’s about people. “______ is public health” is a campaign that highlights the role public health plays in our daily lives. In the campaign’s first week we shared moving personal stories and examples of the way the critical issues of our time connect to public health.

We have gathered and will continue to gather hundreds of stories which we are sharing throughout the month on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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