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Treat E-Cigarettes with Extreme Caution and Skepticism to Protect Health – Real Clear Health

This Op-Ed by Dr. Neil Schluger, Senior Advisor for Science and Education at Vital Strategies, was published by Real Clear Health.

Tobacco is the single leading preventable cause of death. Nothing would save more lives and improve human health as much as eliminating the use of cigarettes. In recent years, the public health community has had notable success in reducing smoking in many countries. Still, tobacco use has soared in China and elsewhere in Asia, and the tobacco industry has trained its sights on the rapidly growing economies and emerging markets in Africa.

Where do electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) fit in the fight against the tobacco epidemic? The public health community has itself been divided on this issue, but the evidence shows there is reason for extreme caution about embracing e-cigarettes.

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