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The U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision Limiting the EPA’s Authority Will Accelerate Climate Crisis, Leading to More Preventable Illness and Death

Statement from Daniel Kass, Senior Vice President, Environmental, Climate and Urban Health, Vital Strategies

(New York, June 30, 2022) — Limiting the EPA’s authority to regulate power-plant emissions is an assault on the nature of government as much as nature itself, stripping agencies of their ability to act with scientific authority. Make no mistake: This decision will accelerate our very real climate crisis, leading to more preventable illness and death.

States will be disempowered to act as well. Just this March, the EPA, under its authority from the Clean Air Act, re-enabled California and other states to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from tailpipes. We can now expect polluter-financed challenges to all state-level efforts to regulate CO2 emissions. 

Public health officials must pressure policy makers to join amica briefs to defend state regulations and to align with the overwhelming majority of the public that want to see COregulated. The urgency of climate change demands it. There is no time to wait for a generational swing back to center.”

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