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Support for US Supreme Court Decision Regarding Tobacco Marketing Practices

Note: World Lung Foundation united with The Union North America. From January 2016, the combined organization is known as “Vital Strategies.”

(New York) – World Lung Foundation released today the following statement from Peter Baldini, Executive Director, regarding the U.S. Supreme Court decision to allow lawsuits of tobacco companies' marketing of ‘light' and ‘low-tar' cigarettes:

“Today's decision by the US Supreme Court clears the way for victims of so-called ‘light' and ‘low-tar' tobacco advertising to have their day in court.  This is a victory for millions of people who have been duped over the years by deceptive advertising schemes that caused them to believe there is such a thing as a cigarette that is better for you.

The truth is Big Tobacco has a long history of deceptive marketing and such practices continue unabated in less-developed countries.  Tobacco companies across the globe systematically persuade people to believe that ‘light' cigarettes are less harmful, when, in fact, research shows that these cigarettes cause smokers to inhale more deeply and smoke more cigarettes.  The ruling by the Justices of the Supreme Court is a crucial step forward if we are to stop the underhanded tactics that tobacco companies use to addict millions of new smokers every year.”