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“We have known for hundreds of years that lead is toxic.”

Statement from Dan Kass, Senior Vice President of Environmental, Climate and Urban Health, Vital Strategies, endorsing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to require water systems nationwide to replace all lead pipes within the next 10 years:

Dec 4, 2023 (New York)—“We have known for hundreds of years that lead is toxic. These pipes should never have been used to carry drinking water. The lesson is that failing to regulate hazards imposes costs two ways—generations of unnecessary exposure to cognitive and cardiovascular risk, and billions of dollars in avoidable mitigation. We haven’t yet learned this lesson on carbon emissions—but there is still time.” 

Read more about the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposal here.

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Vital Strategies works with governments in India, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Colombia and Peru to prioritize lead poisoning prevention efforts and reduce the number of exposed children. Our work includes designing and implementing surveillance programs for lead poisoning, assessing policy gaps and raising awareness of lead poisoning via targeted strategic communications. In addition, wedevelop clinical training and guidance on evaluating childhood exposure to lead and best practices for managing acute lead poisoning.

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