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Statement from Alyssa Mouton, Senior Manager of Tobacco Control Advocacy, Vital Strategies on JUUL‘s $40 million settlement to the State of North Carolina:

“Vaping giant JUUL‘s $40 million settlement to the State of North Carolina is welcome, but the State’s anemic commitment to funding tobacco control potentially also played a role in the youth vaping epidemic – it ranks 44th in the nation.

The 1998 Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) provides $140 million to NC each year for tobacco cessation and prevention, but in 2020 only $2.2 million was spent on tobacco control – the rest went to the general fund. Kids are paying the price. While youth smoking rates fell the past decade, rising e-cigarette use caused an increase in use of “any tobacco products” to 27.3% in 2019. 

Across the country this story is much the same. North Carolina’s JUUL settlement is a bellwether – others are sure to follow. But holding JUUL accountable to address youth vaping is just a start. States must also be held accountable for investing settlement moneys – including MSA funds –  into evidence-based programs to prevent and reduce tobacco use.”   

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