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Vital Strategies Is Partnering with Hospitals Across Pennsylvania to Implement Best Practices for People With Opioid Use Disorder in Emergency Departments.

In collaboration with the Hospital and Healthsystems Association of Pennsylvania (HAP), the Pennsylvania College of Emergency Physicians, and the Healthcare Improvement Foundation, Vital Strategies is working to reduce overdose deaths in Pennsylvania by partnering with hospitals across the state to standardize and adopt best practices, including buprenorphine and methadone treatment, for people with opioid use disorder who seek help in emergency departments.

Through the newly established Opioid Learning Action Network, launched in August 2019, HAP is convening the Pennsylvania acute care hospital community in a collective effort to identify best practices, develop innovative strategies of care, share lessons learned, and equip emergency departments to offer patients with opioid use disorder the highest standards of treatment and care coordination. More than 120 acute care hospitals across Pennsylvania are participating in the network to ensure transformational, system-wide change.

Archived webinars and additional resources are available to the public through the network’s resources page.