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Toward Clean Air Jakarta: Improving Air Quality In Jakarta in the Near- and Long-Term

Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) pollution levels in Jakarta exceed the World Health Organization’s health-based air quality guidelines by four to five times, causing significant economic and social impacts—including illness, premature death, health care costs, and the loss of productivity associated with illness and caregiving. 

Toward Clean Air Jakarta highlights the current state of air quality in Jakarta, the efforts that are underway to enhance air quality monitoring and source identification, and an initial set of policy proposals to improve air quality. The white paper is a starting point to create further action plans that will provide robust policy solutions for air quality in Indonesia’s capital city—achieving a long-term vision for Jakarta, as a secure, productive and sustainable city where citizens can prosper and breathe freely. 

This White Paper is created as part of the Jakarta Clean Air Partnership between DKI Jakarta, Bloomberg Philanthropies and Vital Strategies, an implementing partner of the Partnership. 

Download the white paper in English 

Download the white paper in Bahasa Indonesia