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Tobacco Taxation and Its Potential Impact in China


An increase in the specific excise tax of RMB 1 on a pack of cigarettes would increase government revenue by RMB 64.9 billion (US$ 7.9 billion), save 3.4 million lives, reduce medical costs by RMB 2.68 billion (US$ 325 million) and generate a productivity gain of RMB 9.92 billion (US$ 1.2 billion) for the Chinese economy.
Teh-wei Hu, Professor Emeritus of Health Economics, University of California, Berkeley
Zhengzhong Mao, Professor and Chair, Department of Health Economics, Sichuan University
Jian Shi, Associate Director, Research Institute of Taxation Science, State Administration of Taxation, Beijing
Wendong Chen, Research Associate, Taxation Branch Institute, State Administration of Taxation, Beijing
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