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Index of Tobacco Control Sustainability (ITCS): Indonesia Subnational Tobacco Control

A tool to measure the sustainability of tobacco control programs in cities and districts in Indonesia.

The Index of Tobacco Control Sustainability (ITCS) is a tool to assess and guide tobacco control programs to become sustainable (The Union, 2021). The main ITCS document was first produced in 2016, following the publication of research by The Union on the sustainability of national tobacco control programs in 24 countries. Recognizing the need for a tool to measure sustainability at the subnational level in Indonesia, the ITCS for subnational jurisdictions has been developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Association of Indonesian Health Offices, Asia Pacific Cities Alliance for Health and Development, The Union, and Vital Strategies. It comprises a series of 73 indicators that have a critical influence on subnational capacity to deliver effective and sustainable tobacco control.

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