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How to use Fentanyl Test Strips

Learning how to use Fentanyl Test Strips can help prevent an overdose from even happening. Drug checking strategies can help to reduce fatal overdose. Simply defined, drug checking allows people who use drugs to identify unknown substances in the illicit drug supply, including in drugs they are planning to consume.

With access to fentanyl test strips, people who use drugs are able to make informed decisions about the drugs they use. Though there is a great and growing need for fentanyl test strips, they are criminalized as paraphernalia in many states. 

When they are able to use fentanyl test strips, people implement additional harm reduction strategies with their drug use, such as testing a small sample of the drug, using less, or asking a trusted friend to sit with them when they use. People are also more likely to share test results with their peers who use drugs, helping to increase awareness and reduce potential harm in the community. If we want to end overdose, we must expand access to drug checking methods and support the use of fentanyl test strips.

This video was created by Jefferson Health and made possible through grant funding from Vital Strategies through funding from Bloomberg Philanthropies.