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Effectiveness of Mass Media Campaigns in Reducing Smoking and Smoking-Related Deaths in High-, Middle- and Low-Income Countries

Tobacco control mass media campaigns (MMCs) have been proven to be effective in reducing tobacco use and in preventing initiation. To support global tobacco control efforts, this paper estimates the anticipated reductions in smoking prevalence and in smoking-attributable deaths averted as a result of MMCs in high-income countries and in low- and middle-income countries, in the presence and in the absence of other anti-smoking policies.

Georgetown University: David Levy, Ph.D.

Vital Strategies: N. Murukutla, Ph.D. S. Wang, MPH N.S. Negi, Ph.D. A. Kotov, M.D., Ph.D. C. Curell, MPH S. Hamill S. Mullin

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