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Vital Stories

Research Roundup July and August

Vital Strategies periodically reviews major research journals for newly published papers related to our public health priorities. Our Research Roundup shares the most insightful and important papers to help our partners stay abreast of advances and trends in global health practice.

Some highlights from our July and August 2019 roundups:

  • A study in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization found that the completeness of birth registration in South Africa improved markedly from 1996 to 2008: In 1996, an estimated 25% of births were registered during the calendar year of birth (and 33% by the end of the following year). In 2008, 76% of birth were registered during the same calendar year and 84% by the end of the following year. The improvements were seen in all provinces.
  • A special report in the New England Journal of Medicine details the ongoing Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and an article in BMJ reported on the rise in deaths from measles, malaria and cholera in DRC as a result of the resources going to Ebola.
  • A study in Tobacco Control conducted in China’s Yunnan province found that parents and educators maintain positive attitudes toward the tobacco industry and believe that indirect marketing activities under the guise of corporate social responsibility do not have an impact on children.

If you have a study to suggest for the next roundup, please send the citation to

Research Roundup July through August 2019


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