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May 31, 2018
APN News

Interactive billboard detects smokers, warns of the harms that cigarettes and bidis bring

The billboard detects a smoker lighting a cigarette or bidi in front of the it and respond by launching a short video. The video shows the real-time effects of tobacco smoke on the heart and lungs of the smoker and people nearby.

May 31, 2018
India Times

World No Tobacco Day: India Is Home To 12% Of The World's Smokers, 10 Lakh Die Every Year!

Every minute, smokers get through nearly 11 million cigarettes, 10 of whom end up losing their lives every minute from a habit, that an industry that generates billions of dollars off.

May 31, 2018
IOL News

#WorldNoTobaccoDay: 8 shocking facts about smoking

Here are eight shocking statistics that might make you want to put that cigarette down, or at least, think twice about picking up another one.

May 31, 2018
Times LIVE

Smoking: a rundown on lighting up

About 80% of the world's smokers live in low and middle-income countries. Tobacco use has decreased in countries such as Australia, Brazil and Britain, where anti-smoking measures include higher taxes, bans and health warnings.

May 30, 2018
National Journal

White House Sends Murky Signals On Global-Health Security

While officials tout its importance, the administration has pressed for cuts in global-health initiatives and removed a key leader for biothreat response in the midst of an Ebola outbreak.

May 30, 2018
The Bangladesh Post

Unregulated sales of tobacco products continue

Although the Bangladesh government had successfully reduced nearly eight percent tobacco consumption in last eight years through anti-tobacco initiatives, the number of tobacco use still remains high in the country.

May 29, 2018
The Japan News

WHO aims to erase trans fats in 5 yrs

The United Nations agency has in the past pushed to exterminate infectious diseases, but now it’s aiming to erase a hazard linked to chronic illness.

May 30, 2018
Global Health NOW

5 Trans Fat Takeaways from #WHA71

WHO launched a major international push earlier this month to rid the global food supply of trans fatty acids, as they are properly known.

May 29, 2018

What you need to know about the 71st WHA

"While an urgent response to the Ebola outbreak in DRC is currently underway, there is room for improvement in detecting, responding to, and preventing outbreaks such as Ebola," said Dr. Tom Frieden, president and CEO of Resolve to Save Lives and former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

May 25, 2018
Vietnam News Agency

Vietnam active on sidelines of World Health Assembly in Geneva

Resolve to Save Lives Initiative Tom Frieden unveiled a plan to work with Vietnamese partners to build a project on fighting high blood pressure in several Vietnamese cities and provinces.

May 25, 2018

Tuberculosis and NCDs jostle for space in global health agenda

On Thursday, WHO member states debated efforts to tackle NCDs, with Italy and the United States among those arguing interventions must be based on sound scientific measures and proven effectiveness.

May 25, 2018
Times LIVE

Stuck in traffic? Cape Town's transport system is among world's best

Cape Town comes sixth of the middle-income country cities behind Beijing‚ Kuala Lumpur‚ Moscow‚ Shanghai and Mexico City‚ and top of Africa.

May 24, 2018

Cape Town ranked high for its ease of doing business

Cape Town ranks 24 out of 31 leading cities studied globally, boding well for its transport system, its business-friendly environment, the cost of living and doing business. The city is leveraging its memberships on some of the world’s most influential urban forums, such as the Partnership for Healthy Cities, C40 Cities, and 100 Resilient Cities, to further expand these opportunities.

May 22, 2018
Voice of America

New Vaccine Might Be Game-Changer in DRC's Ebola Fight

The Ebola outbreak that has killed more than two dozen people in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo could be as devastating as the one that hit West Africa several years ago, if left unchecked.

May 21, 2018
Good News Network

World is Encouraged to Ditch Trans Fats By 2023, Thanks to New Plan

A new initiative launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) has the potential to save millions of lives from the dangers of unhealthy food.

May 20, 2018
The Hindu

Transfat accounts for high morbidity in India

Early this week, the World Health Organization (WHO) released REPLACE, a step-by-step guide for the elimination of industrially-produced trans-fatty acids from the global food supply.

May 19, 2018
Business Standard

Tackle tobacco to meet TB target

India must look beyond improving diagnosis and treatment and attack the many factors that are driving tuberculosis.

May 18, 2018
Financial Times

FT Health: Transfat ban could save 500,000 lives a year

The World Health Organization’s call this week for governments to introduce a ban on the industrially-produced fats could save 500,000 lives a year globally from cardiovascular disease.

May 18, 2018

The Checkout: Campbell Soup CEO Steps Down

On Monday, WHO and Resolve to Save Lives launched Replace, a guide to eliminating trans fat from the global food supply by 2023.

May 18, 2018
Here & Now

Learning From Past Outbreaks To Help Contain Ebola In Congo

The Ebola virus has spread to a major city in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As health workers on the ground try to contain the risk, Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson looks at lessons learned from the 2014-2016 outbreak with Dr. Tom Frieden, president and CEO of Resolve to Save Lives.

May 18, 2018
Science Trends

World Health Organization Says Trans Fats Should Be Eliminated From By 2023

Trans fats are an oil which has been linked to cardiovascular disease and other health problems, possibly contributing to millions of premature deaths. In response to the health problem, the World Health Organization has created a detailed strategy regarding how to eliminate trans fats from the food supply by 2023.

May 17, 2018
UN Dispatch

Can the World Health Organization Actually Ban Deadly Trans Fats?

The World Health organization called for the elimination of trans fats by 2023. To make this happen, the organization has released a step-by-step guide for the elimination of industrially-produced trans-fatty acids from the global food supply.

May 17, 2018

Better mortality data can have big payoffs, say public health experts

Gaps are closing across some low- and middle-income countries in recording mortality, but more work is needed to understand comprehensive demographics — as well as the actual cost of weak recording systems, according to public health experts.

May 17, 2018
The Hill

New Ebola outbreak spreads to major city in Congo

The Ebola virus had spread to an important port city in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), opening a new and potentially deadly front in an epidemic that had so far been contained within small communities.

May 17, 2018
Stanford Social Innovation Review

The Moral Imperative of Clean Household Energy

Clean air to breathe, like safe drinking water, is essential for human health and well-being. While this has been available for generations to nearly all who live in wealthy countries, billions of people in low- and middle-income countries worldwide live in households dependent on polluting fuels for cooking, heating, and lighting.

May 16, 2018
Medical Daily Times

World Health Organization Seeks Ban Of Unhealthy Trans Fats

The World Health Organization announced on Monday that it is mounting a campaign to have dangerous man-made trans fats disqualified from use in all food products.

May 15, 2018
Washington Post

First confirmed urban Ebola case is a ‘game changer’ in Congo outbreak

Congo has confirmed a case of Ebola in Mbandaka, a city of 1.2 million, marking the first urban case in the latest outbreak.

May 15, 2018
The Pioneer

Community voices key to tackle TB

The Union government launched a Tuberculosis-free India campaign under the National Strategic Plan to eliminate Tuberculosis (TB) by 2025, five years ahead of the global target.

May 15, 2018
Asian News International

WHO plans to eliminate industrially-produced trans-fatty acids

Eliminating trans fats is key to protecting health and saving lives: WHO estimates that every year, trans fat intake leads to more than 500,000 deaths of people from cardiovascular disease.

May 15, 2018
Business Day

New plan to extend effort to eliminate trans fats globally

Industrially produced trans-fatty acids, such as margarine and some hardened vegetable fats, are popular among food producers because they are cheap and typically have a long shelf life. But given their link to cardiovascular disease, trans fats have also been blamed for more than 500,000 deaths annually, according to WHO figures.

May 15, 2018
Financial Express

WHO launches ‘REPLACE’ to eliminate trans fat in foods by 2023

The initiative provides six strategic actions to ensure the prompt, complete, and sustained elimination of industrially-produced trans fats from food supply.

May 15, 2018

Mike Bloomberg Wants To Know Why More Than 29 Million Are Dying Each Year

"Half of all deaths worldwide have no associated death certificates that indicate the cause of death," said Michael Bloomberg. "A huge problem that results in a lot of preventable deaths and diseases because governments just don’t have the information that they need to target the causes."

May 15, 2018
Daily Mail

World Health Organisation vows to eliminate trans fats from diets globally in just FIVE years, new report reveals

The World Health Organization called on all nations to eliminate artificial trans fats, which are common in fried and processed foods, from the global food supply in the next five years

May 14, 2018
Los Angeles Times

Health officials launch ambitious plan to rid the world of trans fats

In an effort to save half a million lives each year, the World Health Organization urged developing nations to follow the lead of affluent countries and eliminate man-made trans fatty acids from their food supplies.

May 14, 2018
Global Health NOW

A Vital Boost for Policy

All too often—up to 40% of the time—a birth certificate is never provided. And it isn’t just about having the piece of paper; governments need data to make a host of decisions about health.

May 14, 2018
Business Insider

We've known that a dangerous type of fat has been killing people for decades — now governments are finally cracking down

Many countries have already banned trans fats, but food producers in Africa and South Asia still use these dangerous products.

May 14, 2018
Associated Press

Fight to Eliminate Trans Fats Goes Global

The World Health Organization is calling on all nations to rid foods of artificial trans fats in the next five years.

May 14, 2018
Voice of America

New Effort Being Launched to Eliminate Trans Fats Globally

REPLACE, a new global health plan is being rolled out by the World Health Organization, along with a health initiative called Resolve to Save Lives. The goal is to prevent half a million people a year from dying of heart disease.

May 14, 2018
Voice of America

WHO Declares War on Trans Fats

The advantages of trans fat is that it is cheap, lasts longer than natural oils, can be heated and reheated over and over again, and it's almost ideal for making baked goods. "Almost" because it can kill you.

May 14, 2018
Voice of America

WHO Wants to Remove Trans Fats from Food

"Trans fat is a toxic chemical that has been added to our food supply and accounts for an estimated more than 500,000 deaths every year," said Tom Frieden, CEO and president of Resolve to Save Lives.

May 14, 2018
U.S. News and World Report

WHO Calls for Elimination of Trans Fats Globally by 2023

Organizations announced an initiative called REPLACE, an acronym with six action items that are directed at the sustained elimination of industrially-produced trans fats.

May 14, 2018
NBC News

WHO urges all countries to ban trans fats

The World Health Organization (WHO) urged all countries to get rid of trans fats in their food supply, with laws banning them if necessary.

May 14, 2018

Trans Fats Should Be Eliminated From All Food Over the Next 5 Years: World Health Organization

WHO estimates that eating trans fats — commonly found in baked and processed foods — leads to the deaths of more than 500,000 people from heart disease every year.

May 14, 2018
The Telegraph

Ministers urged to ban deadly trans fats from foods

"The elimination of industrial trans fats from food is feasible and is being done but mostly in high income and western countries. We need to extend these efforts to all countries," said Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General.

May 14, 2018

WHO calls for trans fats to be eliminated within five years

Trans fats are popular with manufacturers of fried, baked and snack foods because they have a long shelf life, but they are bad for consumers, increasing heart disease risk by 21 percent and deaths by 28 percent, a WHO statement said.

May 14, 2018
Associated Press

UN health agency aims to wipe out trans fats worldwide

The United Nations agency has in the past pushed to exterminate infectious diseases, but now it’s aiming to erase a hazard linked to chronic illness.

May 14, 2018

WHO calls for elimination of trans fat in foods by 2023

The World Health Organization wants to eliminate artificial trans fats from the global food supply and has a step-by-step strategy on how to do so by 2023.

May 14, 2018
Wall Street Journal

Food Makers Vow to Cut Trans Fats Globally

The World Health Organization is launching an initiative to eliminate trans fats from diets globally, pressing makers of foods and oils, and governments, to accelerate work to prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths from heart disease each year.

May 14, 2018

The new global plan to eliminate the most harmful fat in food, explained

For the first time ever, global health officials have asked countries to completely banish trans fat from the entire food supply.

May 14, 2018
U.S. News and World Report

UN Health Agency Aims to Wipe Out Trans Fats Worldwide

WHO estimates that eating trans fats — commonly found in baked and processed foods — leads to the deaths of more than 500,000 people from heart disease every year.

May 14, 2018
New York Times

W.H.O. Calls for Worldwide Elimination of Trans Fats by 2023

Artificial trans fats have contributed to a half million deaths a year, many of those in developing countries ill-equipped to address the health threats posed by a product cherished for its low price and long shelf life.

May 14, 2018
New York Times

The World Doesn’t Need Trans Fats

Trans fats are a silent killer that many people are not aware of and can easily live without.

May 13, 2018
Daily Mail

UN agency calls for all countries to rid foods of trans fat

The World Health Organization is calling on all nations to rid foods of artificial trans fats in the next five years.

May 12, 2018
Deccan Herald

Community voices key to combat TB

Ending tuberculosis (TB) in India is a real possibility, but it will require a combined effort between national and state governments, and communities.

May 11, 2018
Financial Times

FT Health: Employers' guide to disability in the workplace

Tom Frieden, discusses his plans for saving 100 million lives by fighting cardiovascular disease in developing countries and strengthening defenses against pandemics.

May 11, 2018
The Guardian

London mayor to ban junk food ads on tubes and buses

London Mayor Sadiq Khan targets goods high in salt, fat and sugar to address the ‘timebomb’ of child obesity.

May 10, 2018

Cities and NCDs: The struggle toward a smoke-free Kathmandu

Kathmandu Mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya has an ambition: To achieve an 85 percent compliance rate with smoking bans at work and in public spaces within the year, and eventually, make the city smoke free.

May 9, 2018
Global Health NOW

The Lifesaving Power of Data

In the absence of reliable data, countries have had to make assumptions and use statistical models to estimate how many people are born and die and what they’re dying of.

May 7, 2018
UN Global Dispatch

PODCAST: Can Tom Frieden Save 100 Million Lives?

Dr. Tom Frieden, President and CEO of Resolve to Save Lives, discusses his goal of saving 100 million lives by focusing on two health issues: cardiovascular disease and global defenses against pandemics.

May 3, 2018
Global Atlanta

U.S. Sen. Isakson: ‘Africa, the Most Important Continent in the 21st Century for Our Country’

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia called Africa “the most important continent in the 21st century for our country,” recognizing the benefits of public health programs and activities like the CDC.

May 1, 2018

Power and Possibilities

Billionaire leaders like Michael Bloomberg and Oprah Winfrey have turned their attention towards philanthropy and collectively funneled billions of dollars towards health, education, and other charitable projects.

April 30, 2018
Global Health NOW

Not the Starbucks of Global Health: Vital Strategies Builds From Within

As part of Global Health NOW’s occasional Q&A series with global health leaders, José Luis Castro, president and CEO of Vital Strategies, talks about sustainability, data, the special challenge of fighting NCDs and why the 2014 high-level meeting on NCDs flopped.

April 30, 2018
Times of India

‘Evidence suggests that smoking on film glamorises tobacco use … India has highest number of TB patients’

With government aiming to eradicate tuberculosis (TB) from India by 2025, focus on links between smoking and TB is growing.

April 25, 2018
News Bytes

4 months, 20K challans: Delhi Police's resolve towards 'no public-smoking'

Showing strong resolve towards eliminating public-smoking, Delhi Police has issued double the number of receipts in just three months this year than last year, fining people for smoking in public.

April 24, 2018

Cities and NCDs: The growing threat of childhood obesity in Quito

As in many cities around the world, children in Quito are now more exposed to unhealthy food and sugary snacks contributing to childhood obesity.

April 23, 2018

Cities and NCDs: Curbing excess salt consumption in Ouagadougou

People in Ouagadougou are consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and sugary drinks, as well as fast food containing a high salt and fat content, growing the burden of non-communicable disease.

April 21, 2018
Viet Nam News

Ministry proposes tobacco tax increase to VNĐ2,000

The Ministry of Health proposed to raise the tax on tobacco, aiming to reduce the number of smokers and tobacco-related deaths.

April 20, 2018

HHS wants to delay Common Rule compliance

Bloomberg Philanthropies' Data for Health Initiative, is testing out new ways for tracking major life events such as birth numbers and causes of death providing governments and public health groups with a better sense of their populations’ overall health.

April 12, 2018

BPS, city leaders and Wally the Green Monster join thousands of students in Walk to School Day

An estimated 2,000 Boston Public Schools (BPS) students from more than 12 schools serving grades K-8 took to the streets today as part of Walk to School Day, which aims to make walking to school safe, popular, and fun.

April 11, 2018
Face 2 News

Punjab Commences `India Hypertension Management Initiative' Programme For Detection And Treatment Of Hypertension

The Punjab Government launched the ‘India Hypertension Management Initiative’ (IHMI) programme for detection and treatment of people suffering from hypertension.

April 9, 2018
U.S. News & World Report

How to Sell a Soda Tax

Taxes on sugary beverages are all the rage for public health advocates, but sweet success depends on the playbook.

April 7, 2018
Real Clear Politics

On World Health Day, Are We Ready for the Next Outbreak?

For the first time in modern history, the Ebola virus reached cities with daily flight service to major global hubs in Africa and Europe. Left unchecked, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated the virus would have infected as many as 1.4 million people in the span of just a few months.

April 6, 2018
The New York Times

TB Treatment May Leave Some Patients Contagious

TB, now the leading infectious killer worldwide, takes over 1.5 million lives per year. Treatment lasts at least six months and can cause serious side effects, making it difficult for patients to stick to it.

April 5, 2018
Deecan Chronicles

Lifestyle disease survey in 6 districts of Kerala

The state government of Kerala launched a comprehensive programme to assess the prevalence of NCDs among people 30 years of age and higher.

April 2, 2018
The Citizen

How secondhand smoke hurts children

Globally, about 40 percent of children are exposed to secondhand smoking.

March 29, 2018
The Hindu

Major initiative to control BP, diabetes

The Health Department is launching a major initiative as part of a national programme for developing a registry for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) with focus on protocol-based standardized management of diabetes and hypertension

March 29, 2018

Where Smoking Kills, and Why

Tuberculosis continues to be a formidable killer around the world due to tobacco use.

March 29, 2018
The Telegraph

Mapped: the global epidemic of 'lifestyle' disease in charts

Although often referred to as lifestyle issues – implying personal choice – the rapid spread of NCDs around the world suggests they are a more universal problem, correlating strongly with economic development and urbanisation.

March 27, 2018
Live Mint

Nudging people towards a healthier life

People are often victims of their environment and bounded rationality, and government policy can help make the necessary corrections.

March 26, 2018

India can’t eliminate tuberculosis by 2025 without curbing smoking

More people die of tuberculosis (TB) in India than anywhere else in the world.
In 2016 alone, an estimated 423,000 Indians lost their lives to the infectious disease, accounting for nearly a third of global TB-related deaths.

March 23, 2018

How Fast Can An Outbreak Be Detected?

Preventing an epidemic is a tough mission in any country, especially a nation lacking in resources.

March 23, 2018
Modern Ghana

Teenage Smokers; How Ghana’s Low Excise Tax On Cigarette Encourages The Deadly Habit

Ghana currently imposes an excise tax of only 13.02 percent on the retail price of cigarettes which is about 56 percent below the WHO benchmark contributing significantly to the low price of cigarettes in the country.

March 22, 2018
Business Insider

Despite government efforts, 625,000 Indian children still use tobacco daily

The WHO’s Global Adult Tobacco Survey estimated that the total number of smokers in India fell by 8.1 million between 2009 and 2017. Yet, 625,000 children still use tobacco in the country on a daily basis.

March 21, 2018
The Washington Post

Longtime AIDS researcher Robert Redfield picked to lead CDC

Robert Redfield, a professor at the University of Maryland's School of Medicine, was named the new director of the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

March 20, 2018

Over 6.25 lakh Indian children smoke cigarettes daily, claims report

A study from the Tobacco Atlas shows that over 6.25 lakh children aged 10-14 smoke cigarettes every day.

March 19, 2018
The National

UAE smoking poll: only one in four have changed their habit since introduction of 'sin tax'

The latest figures into smoking habits in the UAE offer the first indicator of the impact of government measures introduced in October to encourage more people to quit.

March 19, 2018

Over half a million children in India are smoking cigarettes everyday

Tobacco companies have increasingly been targeting the youth with over 625,000 Indian children aged between 10 and 14 years smoke cigarettes every day.

March 19, 2018
Financial Express

A cancer survivor, here is NCP Chief Sharad Pawar’s biggest regret in life

Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar opened up about one of his biggest regrets in life: being prone to the use of tobacco.

March 18, 2018
The National

Electronic heated-tobacco products 'Just as harmful as conventional cigarettes' study finds

Experts reports that although heated tobacco devices such as IQOS may be less damaging than conventional cigarettes, their use is still likely to be detrimental to health.

March 17, 2018
The National

Doctors call for 'minimum pricing' plan for tobacco after introduction of UAE's sin tax

Although the prices of most cigarette packages are now much higher, very cheap brands continue to linger on the shelves and appeal to low income smokers and young people.

March 17, 2018
Hindustan Times

6.25 lakh children smoke cigarettes daily in India

Despite lowering tobacco use in recent years, India is home to an estimated 625,000 child smokers aged 10–14 years, according to the Tobacco Atlas.

March 17, 2018
The Morung Express

Over 6.25 Lakh Children Smoke Cigarette in India Daily

Tobacco consumption claims 17,887 lives in India every week.

March 17, 2018
News Heads

Cigarette Smoking in India: More Than 6.5 Lakh Children Smoke Daily, says Tobacco Atlas report

More than 429,500 boys and 195,500 girls in India smoke cigarettes each day.

March 16, 2018
Times of India

Over 6.25 lakh children smoke cigarette in India daily: Study

Although fewer children smoke cigarettes in India than on average in medium HDI nations, more than 429,500 boys and 195,500 girls smoke cigarettes each day,

March 16, 2018
The Health Site

Smokers with a persistent cough are urged to get tested for TB

TB killed 432,000 Indians in 2016 - more than 1,183 every day.

March 16, 2018
Asian News International

Government mass media campaign highlights the link between tobacco and TB

Mass media campaign, 'Cough' will support progress towards the target of eliminating TB by 2025, five years ahead of the global TB elimination target of 2030.

March 15, 2018

ILO chief wants to cut ties with big tobacco. Will the governing body heed the call?

More than 200 organizations globally called on ILO’s governing body to put in place policies prohibiting further collaboration with the tobacco industry.

March 15, 2018
Asian Tribune

WCTOH to ILO: cut ties with the tobacco industry

At the concluding ceremony of the 17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health (WCTOH), one of the declaration called upon the International Labour Organization (ILO) to "align itself with the decision of the UN Economic and Social Council and end its collaboration with the tobacco industry immediately."

March 15, 2018
Economic Times

Government mass media campaign highlights the link between tobacco and TB

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) has re-launched “Cough,” a national mass media campaign to warn citizens about the links between TB and tobacco use.

March 14, 2018

Smoking has risen 50% in Africa over 35 years even as it drops in high-income regions

Big Tobacco’s fastest growing markets are in Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean where regulations are lax and populations are growing, according to the latest edition of the Tobacco Atlas.

March 14, 2018
The Citizen

How we kept pace with health data journalism training in South Africa

20 African journalist participate in a workshop on the effective use of data in public health reporting at the 17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health.

March 14, 2018
The Media Line

Still Smoking: Middle East Tobacco

The Tobacco Atlas reports cigarette consumption in the Middle East has remained stable over the past decade, at an estimated 400 billion cigarettes per year, though this represents an increase of 100 billion since 1999.

March 13, 2018
India Today

Tobacco industry profits USD 9k from every smokers death

The world's biggest tobacco companies make a profit equivalent to USD 9,730 for the death of each smoker, an increase of 39 per cent since the last Atlas was published.

March 13, 2018
Cape Town Etc

This is how much South Africa really smokes

Smoking has come into focus in South Africa after the Department of Health’s Direct-General Precious Matsoso confirmed that proposals to change South Africa’s smoking laws would be presented by the end of this month.

March 13, 2018
Global Health Now

Inside Resolve’s Global Health Mission to Save 100 Million Lives

Tom Frieden launches Resolve to Save Lives, an initiative focusing on cardiovascular disease and epidemics and saving 100 million lives in 30 years.

March 13, 2018
Business Tech

Here’s how many South Africans still smoke every day

According to the Tobacco Atlas, more than 42,100 South Africans are killed by tobacco-caused disease every year.

March 12, 2018

Tobacco Companies Are Targeting New Markets. Here's What The WHO And Bloomberg Are Doing About It

Tobacco Atlas details, tobacco marketers have been as adaptable as planarian flatworms, able to adjust to the world's changing landscape.

March 10, 2018
Ghana Web

Big tobacco companies targeting the world’s most vulnerable to increase profits

The sixth edition of the Tobacco Atlas found that the tobacco industry is targeting vulnerable populations in emerging markets, such as Africa, Asia and the Middle East, where people are not protected by strong tobacco control regulations.

March 9, 2018
Financial Times

The vast gender gap in health

The World Conference on Tobacco and Health ramped up the rhetoric against Big Tobacco, accusing the industry of targeting vulnerable populations where regulations are weak.

March 9, 2018
Maravi Post

Tobacco kills 5,700 in Malawi yearly—Global atlas report

The Tobacco Atlas, released by The American Cancer Society and Vital Strategies, ranks Malawi among low-income countries paying a huge cost for not replacing tobacco with smoke-free crops.

March 9, 2018
MedPage Today

Tobacco Control Policies Working, Report Finds

As smoking rates continue to drop in countries with aggressive anti-tobacco policies, Big Tobacco is increasingly targeting areas where the interventions are virtually non-existent, a new report charges.

March 9, 2018
The Journal IE

Big Tobacco made €7,900 for every dead smoker in 2015, according to a new report

The sixth edition of the Tobacco Atlas, co-authored by the American Cancer Society and Vital Strategies shows that, while progress has been made in controlling the spread of tobacco use, inroads are being made by the industry in parts of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

March 9, 2018
The Maravi Post

Tobacco kills 5, 700 in Malawi yearly

Tobacco remains the largest export for Malawi, killing 5,700 a year.

March 9, 2018

Smoking kills 3,000 people each year in UAE

Smoking related deaths and illnesses cost the country about $569 million in 2016 in lost productivity and health expenses.

March 9, 2018
The Guardian

How children around the world are exposed to cigarette advertising

Research in more than 22 countries found cigarettes are being sold and promoted near schools by an industry that needs to recruit the young to maintain profits

March 9, 2018
Jamaica Observer

Schools a health threat instead of place of safety

According to the health minister, the survey revealed that 80 per cent of parents with children younger than 16 years old, are concerned about the effects of sugary drinks on their children's health, while 61 per cent of parents are either very concerned or extremely concerned about their child's access to sugary drinks at school.

March 8, 2018
Medical Xpress

Report: Big tobacco is targeting the world's most vulnerable to increase profits

The sixth edition of The Tobacco Atlas and its companion website finds the tobacco industry is increasingly targeting vulnerable populations in emerging markets, such as Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, where people are not protected by strong tobacco control regulations.

March 8, 2018
Journal du Cameroun

Africa increasing becoming battle ground for anti-tobacco fight, Group warns

Most countries in sub-Saharan Africa have inadequate monitoring of tobacco use, according to the Tobacco Atlas, a report on the global tobacco control efforts and challenges.

March 8, 2018
The National

Almost 3,000 smoking-related deaths a year in UAE, report shows

Smoking killed more than 2,900 people in the UAE in 2016 and cost the country $569 million in lost productivity and health care costs, according to the latest report on global smoking.

March 8, 2018
The National

Illegal 'white' cigarettes make up a third of UAE's sales: report

The Tobacco Atlas report of 2018 has warned of the growth of markets supporting illicit ‘white’ cigarettes claiming a third of manufacturers are operating from free trade zones.

March 7, 2018
Malaysian Digest

From Losing A Loved One To Almost Losing Their Lives, These Are The Confessions Of Tobacco Victims

While the Health Ministry has aimed to make Malaysia a smoke-free nation by 2045 and subsequently declared smoke-free zones in public areas last year, the reality is that the number of smokers continue to grow.

March 7, 2018
The Guardian

Michael Bloomberg launches tobacco industry watchdog

A new global watchdog agency has been launched to monitor the tobacco industry with $20m of philanthropic funding amid fears of dirty tactics by cigarette companies hit by declining smoking rates in the west.

March 6, 2018
Graphic Online

20 African journalists attend workshop in South Africa

Twenty selected journalists from five African countries will take part in a workshop on data journalism at the 17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health (WCTOH).

March 3, 2018
Modern Ghana

Global Cancer Ambassador For Ghana To Attend World Conference On Tobacco

Mr. Jeorge Wilson Kingson, the Global Cancer Ambassador for Ghana and an advocate for tobacco control, will attend the 17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health (WCTOH).

March 3, 2018
My Joy Online

Luv FM’s Prince Appiah among 20 African journalists attending global conference on tobacco, health

Luv FM journalist, Prince Appiah, has been selected among 20 journalists to attend the World Conference on Tobacco or Health (WCTOH) and participate in a journalism workshop on use of data in public health reporting.

March 1, 2018
The Lancet

Pollution and non-communicable disease: time to end the neglect

With growing recognition of pollution’s enormous global impacts, the time has come to end neglect of pollution, acknowledge that pollution is a major NCD risk factor

February 25, 2018
The Himalayan Times

Kathmandu Metropolitan City checks purchase and sale of tobacco products

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has forwarded a plan to strictly control purchase, sale and consumption of tobacco or smoking in public places in an attempt to promote healthier lifestyle.

February 22, 2018

High-level meeting on NCDs holds promise, and pitfalls

The presence of high-profile individuals in the commission gives advocates hope that more heads of state will participate, not just health ministers.

February 21, 2018
The Star Online

Pledging to make KL smoke-free

The city’s newly launched initiative aims to reduce the number of smokers and help educate non-smokers on the risks associated with second-hand smoke.

February 20, 2018

Number of obese years not -- just obesity -- a distinct risk factor for heart damage

Researchers report maintaining a healthy weight across the lifespan is important for keeping the heart healthy and minimizing damage as people age.

February 18, 2018
Jamaica Observer

The Heart Foundation of Jamaica (HFJ) last Tuesday launches new campaign

The Heart Foundation of Jamaica (HFJ) launched a new campaign focusing on the role of parents in preventing childhood obesity.

February 16, 2018
Intellectual Property Watch

WHO Names High-Profile Commission On Non-Communicable Diseases

Tom Frieden, President and CEO of Resolve, an initiative of Vital Strategies, was listed among 22 high level commission members in the fight against non-communicable diseases.

February 16, 2018

UN to development community: Think urban for the SDGs

As the international community gears up to review global progress toward Sustainable Development Goal 11, the so-called “urban SDG,” getting cities right is increasingly seen by many development experts as essential to deliver on the entire 2030 Agenda.

February 14, 2018
CBS News

Former CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden on the challenges of tackling the flu

Tom Frieden, the CEO of Resolve to Save Lives, a global health initiative that focuses on preventing epidemics and cardiovascular health, says this year's flu season, while worse than expected, didn't completely catch us off guard.

February 11, 2018
The Guardian

The Guardian view on childhood obesity: forget small steps, tackle big food

The tactics of big food are, as the global health organization Vital Strategies points out in its report Fool Me Twice, strikingly similar to those of big tobacco over the years. But big food has the advantage that everyone needs to eat, while no one needs to smoke, and that a biscuit does not damage health as a cigarette does.

February 8, 2018

Global health security's ticking clock, 'Global gag rule' at 6 months and Abraaj: this week in development

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is planning to cut back activities associated with the “global health security agenda,” a network of technical assistance efforts launched after the Ebola virus outbreak aimed at preparing countries around the world to better detect and respond to emerging pandemics.

February 7, 2018
The Times of India

One in five adults in city suffer from hypertension

A 2014 review of hypertension conducted by 'Resolve to Save Lives'— a five-year public health initiative of Vital Strategies funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, showed that about 33% urban and 25% rural Indians have high blood pressure.

February 5, 2018

Cuts to CDC epidemic programs will endanger Americans, former chief says

The CDC informed personnel in the past two weeks that it was discontinuing its work in 39 out of 49 countries where its Center for Global Health helps prevent, detect and respond to dangerous infectious disease threats, such as Ebola and the Zika virus.

February 1, 2018
The Washington Post

CDC to cut by 80 percent efforts to prevent global disease outbreak

Four years after the United States pledged to help the world fight infectious-disease epidemics such as Ebola, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is dramatically downsizing its epidemic prevention activities in 39 out of 49 countries because money is running out, U.S. government officials said.

January 31, 2018

The scandal that just forced the CDC director to resign, explained

Brenda Fitzgerald, the Georgia doctor who Trump appointed to head the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has resigned amid allegations of conflicts of interest.

January 26, 2018
Malnutrition Deeply

Taxing the World Out of Obesity

Taxes on sugar sweetened beverages have quickly become the most prominent strategy in the global push to reduce overweight and obesity, as well as linked non-communicable diseases (NCDs) that include diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

January 19, 2018
The Washington Post

This flu season keeps getting deadlier, and a shutdown will make things worse

During the second week of January, more people sought care for flulike illnesses than at any comparable period in nearly a decade, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention weekly report shows.

January 14, 2018
Economic Times India

We strive to save 100 million lives by implementing solutions to prevent heart disease

In an interview with ETHealthworld, Tom Frieden, President and CEO of Resolve to Save Lives, talks about his initiative to save lives and prevent epidemic by catalyzing country action to find, stop and prevent new disease threats.

January 11, 2018
The Washington Post

U.S. life expectancy is dropping. Here’s how to fix it.

Tens of millions more Americans now have high blood pressure. Almost half of all Americans -- 46% -- are now considered to be in the high blood pressure category based on new guidelines.

January 11, 2018

Why is the flu so bad this year?

Why does the flu seem to be so bad this year? And why doesn't the flu shot seem to be doing the trick? With Dr. Tom Frieden, former CDC director and now President andCEO of Resolve to Save Lives.

January 5, 2018
Financial Times

Government and Industry Must do More on NCDs

José Luis Castro, President and CEO of Vital Strategies, spoke to the Financial Times about the role governments and industry must play in the fight against NCDs.

December 26, 2017
FOX News

US Funding Can Save Millions of Lives Through Public Health Programs in 2018

An op-ed by Dr. Tom Frieden, CEO and President of the Resolve to Save Lives initiative looks at the challenges facing public health, particularly preventing heart attacks, strokes, drug overdoses and epidemics.

December 21, 2017

Biggest Global Health Moments of 2017

The Resolve to Save Lives initiative has been named among the top global health moments of 2017 by Devex.

December 18, 2017

New Data Gateway Helps Developing Countries Collect Crucial Information

The Data for Health initiative from Bloomberg Philanthropies has entered a new phase in supporting developing countries to improve the collection and registration of vital statistics, including births and deaths.

December 13, 2017
Gulf Today

Jawahar Extolls NCD Organisations

The second Global NCD Aliiance Forum has concluded with acknowledgement of some of the key NCD organisations that have made progress.

December 7, 2017

Are Food And Beverage Companies Re-Running The Big Tobacco Playbook?

Is this a re-run? That's what Vital Strategies is asking about various multi-national food, soda, and alcohol companies in its just released report entitled Fool Me Twice.

November 18, 2017
CBS News

Former CDC Director's New Effort to Tackle Global Health Issues

Resolve to Save Lives is a five-year, $225 million global health initiative that seeks to address major health issues on a global scale. Former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Resolve's president and CEO, Dr. Tom Frieden, joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss the two major areas the project focuses on: cardiovascular health and epidemic prevention.

November 17, 2017

Opinion: The Achille's Heel of the Sustainable Development Goals is a Lack of Data

Every year, 130 million babies are born, nearly one-quarter of whom will begin life without any official record of their existence. An even smaller percentage of annual deaths will have any meaningful record.

November 16, 2017
The Moscow Times

Ending Tuberculosis Starts in Moscow

Op-ed by José Luis Castro, President and CEO of Vital Strategies: A meeting of the world’s health ministers in Moscow could prove to be a pivotal moment on the road to ending tuberculosis (TB).

November 14, 2017

Nearly half of Americans now have high blood pressure, based on new guidelines

Dr. Tom Frieden, President and CEO of the Resolve to Save Lives initiative comments on America's new high blood pressure guidelines.

November 14, 2017

City creates Partnership for Healthy Cities

Cape Town joins the Partnership for Healthy Cities, an initiative that aims to reduce obesity by encouraging proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

November 13, 2017
Washington Post

Blood pressure of 130 is the new ‘high,’ according to first update of guidelines in 14 years.

The American Heart Association, the American College of Cardiology and nine other groups redefined high blood pressure as a reading of 130 over 80, down from 140 over 90.

November 13, 2017
Daily Mail

Is your blood pressure past 130/80?

New guidelines published by the American Heart Association add 30 million Americans to the 'hypertension' bracket."

October 29, 2017
The Hindu

Fighting The Silent Killer

Hypertension has become the biggest risk factor for heart attacks and stroke and is often detected only after deadly complications have occurred.

October 26, 2017
The Independent - Bangladesh

Tobacco Kills 100,000 People Annually: Zahid Maleque

The Health Ministry and Vital Strategy launched the 30-second long TV spot titled 'Bish Batas' to raise awareness about the impact of tobacco.

October 23, 2017

Stress Is A Public Health Concern, Too

Public health leaders from around the world are starting to acknowledge that the scope of their work must extend to underlying factors that cause risky behaviors, such as smoking.

October 23, 2017
Jamaica Observer

Kingston Joins 'Partnership For Healthy Cities'

The partnership will focus on a public awareness and policy campaign to accelerate and implement the serving of healthier foods in schools.

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