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By the Numbers: Road Traffic Crashes

Vital Strategies

At Vital Strategies, we support every one’s right to have access to safe streets. Our work in 10 cities promotes proven interventions such as increasing the use of seat-belts and helmets; reducing speeding; reducing drink driving; promoting infrastructure improvements and sustainable urban transportation; and advocating for improved vehicle safety standards.

Over 90 percent of the world’s fatalities on the roads occur in low-income and middle-income countries, which have less than half of the world’s vehicles.

Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for children and adults between the ages of 5 and 29

Every year, 1.35 million people die as a result of road traffic crashes. 

By 2030, road traffic injuries are projected to be the fifth leading cause of death worldwide. 

Road traffic crashes cost most countries three percent of their gross domestic product.

More than half of all road traffic deaths are among vulnerable road users: pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists.

Every year, 50 million people are injured as a result of road traffic crashes. 

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has set an ambitious target of cutting the global number of deaths and injuries from road traffic crashes by fifty percent by the year 2020.