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Behind the numbers: 2022 Year in Review

Our 2022 Year in Review showcases the impact of the public health programs, campaigns and initiatives we worked on during the year.

Vital Strategies
At a hospital in Kigali, Rwanda, two staff enter birth and death registration data into a computer.
Rwanda has quadrupled its registration of deaths in the country with Vital Strategies support. At this hospital in Kigali, Sister Fortunata Nzwige (midwife and vital events notifier) and Happy Mwkizu (data entry clerk) enter data.

Each year, Vital Strategies works on pressing health issues around the world towards its vision: A world where everyone is protected by equitable and effective health systems. But how does Vital Strategies achieve its objectives? How do we partner with governments and civil society in more than 80 countries to improve people’s health and promote equity?

For our Year in Review, we take a look “Behind the Numbers.”

We reveal how we’ve helped to increase the number of birth and death registrations in Bangladesh, reduce the number of speeding cars on Accra’s roads in Ghana, and expose thousands of examples of hidden tobacco marketing on social media.

These aren’t just cold data points: They represent stronger health systems and more productive and prosperous communities, enabling millions of people to live longer, healthier lives.

Vital Strategies partners with governments, communities and civil society organizations to design and implement evidence-based, locally driven policies and practices to advance public health using four key approaches: policymaking for health, strategic communication and advocacy, program implementation, and data-driven decision-making.

The cities and countries we work with own these successes and they are the ones who will sustain them.

Read our 2022 Year in Review, where we unpack the numbers and tell the stories behind them.