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An Appeal on Behalf of the People of Cameroon

Please help the people of Cameroon lead healthier lives! Click the link below and sign the petition to encourage the Cameroonian government to pass a strong tobacco control bill. Only takes a moment:

A year ago, on July 4th, The Ministry of Heath Cameroon launched a mass media campaign to support tobacco control reform and educate the public about the harmful effects of tobacco. The campaign focused on the hazards of smoking and smoking around children.

Several months later, the Cameroonian Coalition against Tobacco (C3T) launched an online petition for the adoption of this tobacco control law in the hopes that the Cameroonian people could help to pressure the government to protect their health. Today nearly 1,400 people have signed, but we need more signatures to send a strong, clear message to the President of Cameroon.

A similar petition initiative was launched in Senegal last year as part of a national mass media campaign warning people about the dangers of smoking and supporting a strong anti-tobacco law. The drive resulted in 12,000 online signatures. Ultimately, national anti-tobacco legislation was passed in Senegal in March of this year.

Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the world. With 17.5 percent of its population smoking and 37 percent of its population being exposed to smoke in public areas, Cameroon needs to provide its people with protection against the cancers and cardiovascular diseases that will result from smoking. The best vehicle for this is to pass a comprehensive tobacco control bill in the country.

Alongside other anti-tobacco organizations, we have been working to encourage the Cameroonian government to adopt such laws. To date, the bill has remained on the president’s desk. Despite the support of national NGOs and the international community for such legislation, movement has stalled.

That’s why we are asking you to sign and share the petition to help reduce preventable deaths in Cameroon. With your help, we can obtain more signatures, and the government will not be able to ignore the pleas from its public.

Click the link below and sign the petition; convince the Cameroonian government to quickly enact comprehensive tobacco control laws that protect its people.