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Achievements of Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use Hailed

Note: World Lung Foundation united with The Union North America. From January 2016, the combined organization is known as “Vital Strategies.”

(New York, USA) – World Lung Foundation (WLF) today congratulated the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use on its achievement in having awarded 500 grants since 2007 to strengthen international tobacco control. To date, US $100 million in grants have been distributed across 70 countries, representing more than five billion people – almost three-quarters of the world’s population.

The Bloomberg Initiative Grants Program was designed to provide direct funding to governments and non-government organizations in low- and middle-income countries, largely to establish, implement or improve policies that reduce tobacco consumption:

• The grants program has supported 46 countries – representing over 4.5 billion people – to make critical legislative improvements and policies.
• Over 1.3 billion people across 32 countries are newly protected from second-hand smoke through the implementation of national smoke-free legislation.
• More than one billion people have been exposed to a mass media campaign that warns about the harms of tobacco
• Nearly one billion people have been newly protected from tobacco advertising, as 24 countries have implemented legislative bans on tobacco advertising.
• The Bloomberg Initiative also helped implement pictorial health warnings in 31 countries to alert 2.7 billion smokers to the dangers of tobacco use.
• 12 countries increased tobacco taxes because of Bloomberg Initiative support.

Peter Baldini, Chief Executive Officer, World Lung Foundation, commented: “Since its inception, the Bloomberg Initiative has been a game changer in tobacco control efforts, helping to reverse a catastrophic wave of deaths. World Lung Foundation is privileged to be part of this great work, which is saving lives every day in the places where tobacco use is taking its greatest toll.” But as we mark this solid achievement, we are well aware that the tobacco industry is redoubling its efforts to interfere with life saving policies, and continues outspending all of us by billions of dollars in its efforts to hook a new generation of users on its deadly products.”

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