Western Pacific

Program highlights from the region including China, the Philippines and Viet Nam, where multiple programs have created strong partnerships with government.

The rapid development of many countries in the Western Pacific is astounding. But with its booming population and surging economies, the scale of the issues these countries face has grown exponentially as well. That’s why Vital Strategies has a robust portfolio of programs in the region. With regional staff in several countries, strong relationships with governments and civil society networks, we are working to implement some of the best public health policies available across several issues. Through proven and tested methods, Vital Strategies and our Bloomberg Philanthropies partners are maintaining a commitment to help solve some of the world’s most vexing public health problems, including tobacco control, road safety and tuberculosis. 

China is a particular country of focus. As the world's most populous country and a global economic and political power, global progress cannot be made without progress in China. With nearly 300 million tobacco users, China has been referred to as “the smoking dragon.” But, with support from Vital Strategies and patners, things are changing. In 2014, Beijing’s Municipal People’s Congress passed a law making Beijing the world’s largest smoke-free city. And since 2006 we have conducted a series of powerful campaigns to grow public support for new policies
 by graphically describing the harms of smoking and secondhand smoke, and challenging traditions such as giving cigarettes as holiday gifts. Campaigns have run on national media platforms and supported 17 smoke- free cities in more than 10 provinces across the country. These campaigns promoted smoke-free hospitals, workplaces and homes.

Vietnam is one of the 15 low- and middle-income countries with the highest smoking rates in the world, with one in two males over the age of fifteen using tobacco. Mass media campaigns in the region have helped educated and protect people in Vietnam, especially children, by calling for high tobacco taxes.

We have also trained experts in multiple issues ranging from turberculosis, family planning, harm reduction from numerous countries in the region ranging from Mongolia to Vietnam. And in 2015, work began on the Bloomberg Initiative for Road Safety in China, the Philippines and Vietnam. 

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