Southeast Asia

Program highlights from the region. A rich network of relationships with governments and civil society drive one of our largest portfolio of programs.

Southeast Asia is a region marked by strong contrasts. From the raging tech economy of Delhi and social media uptake in Jakarta, Indonesia - the world's #1 Twitter city - to rural areas where farmers live little different thatn hundreds of years ago. Some of the world's wealthiest and most educated elite live with some of the world's poorest underfoot. The challenges of a surging and youthful urban population are multiplied by underdeveloped health care infrastructure.

In kind, Vital Strategies portfolio of programst in Southeast Asia is one of its largest: Tobacco Control, Road Safety, Data For Health, and Tuberculosis.

In tobacco, we have supported India’s National Tobacco Control Program since 2008. So in 2012, when the Government of India passed a rule mandating that anti-tobacco public service announcements (PSAs) be shown when films and television programs depict smoking, the materials selected were those created by our organizations in partnership with the Ministry of Health. To date, this innovative approach to increasing the reach of anti-tobacco ads and countering pro-tobacco messages has reached hundreds of millions of viewers. In addition to UNAWLF’s tobacco control work, our work has focused on improving road safety in Mumbai, and fighting the tuberculosis epidemic with the TB-Free India initiative, which aims to help the World Health Organization achieve its goal of reducing deaths from tuberculosis by 95% by 2035.

In Indonesia, where tobacco is the cause of one in five adult male deaths, hard hitting campaigns like 'Rokok murah, obatnya yang mahal' (Cigarettes Are Cheap, But The Cost to Tobacco Victims Is High), which ran in 2015,  put a face to the damage that tobacco does to the lives of millions of people every year. The campaign tells the story of Robby, a 27-year-old man who lost his life to smoking-related cancer.

Vital Strategies has also run tobacco control mass media campaigns in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Road Safety work is under way in India, Indonesia and Myanmar. Our work under the Data For Health initiative is starting up in seven countries.

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