Eastern Mediterranean

Program highlights from a diverse set of countries ranging from Morocco to Pakistan.

The Eastern Mediterranean is home to several wealthy countries, but rapid political change has made it difficult for public health issues to gain traction in many countries within the region. The particular problems of the region, such as hookah use, are often overshadowed by the issues which effect people’s daily lives. With numerous populations in crisis and transition, these health issues become a transnational challenge.

Despite these obstacles, Vital Strategies works to drive adoption of tough anti-smoking laws, reduce tobacco consumption and challenge pro-tobacco social norms in the region.

In Egypt, Vital Strategies worked with the Ministry of Health on the nationwide “Save Yourself” media campaign, which featured a radio ad and social media supporting enforcement efforts for “Smoke-Free Alexandria.” Vital Strategies also assisted the Ministry in designing provocative "Lung Ashtrays" that could be moved from city to city as smoke-free laws rolled out. These important lessons helped allow other major Egyptian cities to build upon the foundation we laid together in Alexandria.

In Pakistan, where 550,000 children use tobacco every day, Vital Strategies worked closely with the government when they passed legislation to increase the size of health warnings to 85% of cigarette packs in 2014. The mass media campaigns which Vital Strategies and the Ministry of Health created supported enforcement efforts and are helping to bring down the number of children who might otherwise become the next victims of tobacco.

Vital Strategies has also done mass media campaigns in Lebanon, working with the Ministry of Health to launch a campagn on television and billboards to support smoke free legislation coming into effect.

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