Program highlights from North, South and Central America.

In Latin America, rapid development has led to dynamic change. Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and other Latin countries have experienced economic booms, but as a result the people of these nations and others in the region are twice-burdened with the troubles of wealth and poverty. Nonetheless, these countries seem poised for change, and have come at these issues head on, developing new approaches and creating regional and civil society networks to solve today’s most vexing public health issues.

Vital Strategies has helped in many Latin American countries on several fronts, such as tobacco control, road safety and obesity.

Vital Strategies has run tobacco control media campaigns in Antigua and Barbuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica and Mexico. Find public service announcement like Mexico's "El Cigarro Consume A Tus Hijos" or the innovative ""Quem Não Fuma Não é Obrigado a Fumar," in our media gallery.

With one in three people suffering from the effects of obesity, Mexico has one of the highest rates in the world. In 2014, Vital Strategies and Bloomberg Philanthropies partners coordinated mass media campaigns across television and social media, warning of the life-threatening consequences. The initiative helped fuel efforts to enact a new tax on sugar-sweetened beverages. The tax and awareness campaign paid off – soda consumption in Mexico dropped six percent in 2014 – and is helping to prevent a future in which it is projected that a third of all Mexican children will end up with diabetes.

As part of the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety, Vital Strategies is helping implement safety and awareness programs in Brazil and Colombia. The campaigns aim to reduce the number of road traffic fatalities in three cities – Bogotá, Sao Paolo and Fortaleza. Bogotá was the first of 10 global cities to launch a road safety campaign in September 2015, with public service announcements on television and social media aimed at reducing deaths from drink-driving.

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