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Prevent Epidemics is the world’s first website to provide an overall score for a country’s ability to find, stop and prevent diseases.

The website also offers high-quality resources and tools for COVID-19.

Our ReadyScore is calculated using data from the Joint External Evaluation, a rigorous, objective and internationally-accepted epidemic preparedness tool developed by the World Health Organization and other partners. With more than 80% of assessed countries not ready for an epidemic, is the only place you can easily learn how prepared your country, or your neighboring country, is for the next health threat. provides concerned citizens and civil society groups with detailed country-level data, highlights of a country’s preparedness strengths and gaps, and practical advocacy tools to motivate country leaders to prioritize preparedness.

We live in an interconnected world. It takes just 36 hours for an infectious disease to spread around across the globe. Will you be prepared when the next threat arrives?