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The Vietnam Women’s Union and the Viet Nam Tobacco Control Fund (Ministry of Health), launched this campaign to show the deadly harm of second-hand tobacco smoke (SHS) on non-smokers. Vital Strategies supported the development and implementation of the campaign, which is called "Protect yourself and your loved ones.” This campaign is the second stage of the “Women build smoke-free homes” program, which urges women across Vietnam to encourage smokers to respect a voluntary smoking ban in the home and to support smokefree public places, in accordance with Vietnam’s national smokefree law.

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The Image Library is a comprehensive catalogue of images depicting the challenges and successes of the international efforts to improve lung health. Images may be used for any non-commercial purpose, provided that proper credit is given.

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Africa Tobacco Pack Warning Resource

WLF and the Convention Secretariat expect the Africa Graphic Pack Warning Resource, online database of images and messages, to ease access and to reduce the time and cost for governments to implement effective graphic warnings.

Africa Tobacco Pack Warning Resource

Pack Warning Resource

WLF provides effective pack warnings ready for use. The featured pictorial warnings have been used by countries and evaluated favorably. The images here are available at no cost, with simple licensing procedure.

Global Tobacco Pack Warning Resource