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Global Operations

Tamar Renaud
Chief Operating Officer

Marie McNamee
Global Director, Human Resources

Fiona Buchan
Head of Human Resources

Daniel Schaefer
Chief Technology Officer

Aaron Acharya
Global Travel and Safety Manager

Lydia Agopian
Program Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer

Susan Biegler
Senior Talent Manager

Will McPhail
International Field
Operations Manager

Shreya Budhraja
International Human Resources Officer

Bethany Suarez
Human Resources Officer, Payroll and Benefits

Ebony Irby
Human Resources Officer

Bwezani Manda
Travel Officer

Tariq Rasuli
Compliance Officer

Chad Turner
Vice President, Legal

Camila Rodriguez
Associate In-House Legal Counsel

Mia Kelly
Legal Assistant

Ellie Hendrickson
Systems Manager

Chantal Khoury
Front Desk Coordinator