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Finance, Accounting & Grants

Wallace D’Souza
Chief Financial Officer

Mili Chowfla
Senior Vice President

Steven Aguirre
Finance Officer

Nelly Alvarez
Deputy Director – Accounting

Akil Charles
Grant Assistant

Janet Durgapersaud
Deputy Director – Decision Support

Rick Greene
Senior Grants Manager

Jeremiah Martin
Grants Manager – Public Health Programs

Cynthia Gosso
Executive Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer

Jeffrey Hale
Grants Manager

Jason Lee
Accounting Manager

Fanny Long
Deputy Director – Budget and Grants Management

Michelle Richards
Grants Manager, Tobacco Control/STOP

Anjan Sandhu
Grants Manager, Environmental Health and Operations

Shahzada Rasheed
Finance Officer

Sukhi Sawhney
Enterprise Resource Planning Project Manager

Namratha Shetty
Accounting Manager

Cheryl Lundy
Finance Officer

Jose Taveras
Finance Officer

Naman Udeshi
Enterprise Resource Planning Administrator

Claude Williams
Grant Assistant

Jeffrey Zou
Finance Officer

YunFei (Kevin) Xue
Accounting Manager