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January 29, 2018

Clearing the Air of Second-hand smoke in Mexico

A new national social media campaign is exposing the real dangers that smoking and second-hand smoke present, and is building public support to urge congress to enact 100% smoke-free places nationwide.

Mexico sin Humo (Mexico Without Smoking) brings attention to the more than 10 million Mexicans who face constant exposure to second-hand smoke in their own homes and public places. This invisible killer affects everyone, regardless of age or social class. Second-hand smoke exposure in bars, restaurants or workplaces – ranging from 52%, 31% and 15% of establishments, respectively – plays an unfortunate role in the deaths of around 130,000 Mexicans from tobacco-related diseases each year, according to the Tobacco Atlas.

Images like the one above were shared on social media to inform about the dangers of second-hand smoke


For the last three months, Mexico sin Humo has delivered clear messages and heart-wrenching stories about the health harms of second-hand smoke through social media and national news coverage.

Stories like Alicia’s. After 40 years of marriage, and 40 years of exposure to her husband’s second-hand smoke, her breathing began to fail. Now, she continues to smile as she fights back tears, convinced that she will win her fight against lung cancer, a disease she never should have contracted. Alicia told her story in a nationally televised news segment on the station ADN40. 

Alicia, a second-hand smoke victim, tells her story on Channel ADN40, which aired across Mexico.

Through social media, the campaign has focused on several important messages about the health harms of tobacco use, attracting over 1,500 followers on Facebook. Some of the most effective and widely shared posts relate to women’s health and the life-threatening diseases caused by smoking.

The campaign website, which includes information about the current state of tobacco control in Mexico and stresses the importance of 100% smoke-free places, has been seen almost 40,000 times since its launch in December. It has also been mentioned in national news, underscoring its value as a resource for important information about tobacco, and as a focal point for Mexico’s growing number of tobacco control advocates.

Smoke-free legislation will cast a wide protective net on restaurant workers, entertainers, and anyone else working or visiting a public space where smoking is currently considered acceptable.

We invite you to join this movement – show your support by signing our petition for a smoke-free Mexico.

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