Senior Vice President, Research and Development

Dr. I.D. Rusen

Dr. I.D. Rusen has over 25 years of experience as a qualified doctor, epidemiologist and public health expert. Since joining the organization in 2004, Dr. Rusen has held several positions, including Coordinator of the FIDELIS Initiative and Director of the Tuberculosis Department. He currently leads the TREAT TB Initiative, which is spearheading the coordination and sponsorship of the STREAM clinical trial, a landmark trial for shortened MDR-TB treatment currently underway in four countries.

For the past 17 years, Dr. Rusen has been a technical advisor to both donor agencies and non-governmental organizations with respect to tuberculosis and related health problems in low-income countries. Previously, he worked for Health Canada, and served as a consultant for CIDA and the World Health Organization, and also worked as a family physician. He has written and co-authored numerous papers and reports, including first-authored publications in IJTLD, American Journal of Public Health and the Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal. Dr. Rusen received his medical degree from the University of Manitoba and completed a Community Medicine (Preventive Medicine) Residency and a Master of Epidemiology at the University of Toronto.

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