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Explore José Luis Castro’s involvement in selected organization and world events; read about his background and the functions of his office and learn about his vision for Vital Strategies’ dynamic engagement in global health.

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José Luis Castro

José Luis Castro serves as President and CEO of Vital Strategies and leads The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease. With 25 years of experience in public health management, Mr. Castro has lead strategy and operations for both organizations, building today’s worldwide network of country offices, experts and programs that now serve more than 100 countries. As Executive Director of The Union, José Luis Castro, strengthened the organization’s financial base, internal and external communications operations, and human resources functions. When he joined The Union in 2001, Mr. Castro quickly established himself as a leader in the international effort to improve tuberculosis control programs by launching the International Management Development Program (IMDP) to provide training in management, budgeting and logistics competencies to more than 4,000 people from 30 countries. As Director of Finance and Development, he also improved the organization’s internal operations and financial base and helped grow The Union budgets, programs and affiliates. He has also been instrumental in the success of landmark global programs such as the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use. Mr. Castro currently serves as President of the NCD Alliance, a network of over 2,000 civil society organizations in more than 170 countries dedicated to combating the global Non-Communicable Disease epidemic. He also serves on several boards, including the editorial board of Journal of Health Management and is Vice President for Finance and Internal Control on the board of the International Union for Health Promotion and Education. Before joining The Union, Mr. Castro advised WHO and the Government of India on the implementation of the Revised National TB Control Program and served as Director of Operations for New York City’s Bureau of TB Control during the 1990s MDR-TB crisis. The program he helped build is still used for tuberculosis control in New York City. Castro holds a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Pennsylvania and was awarded an honorary doctorate from Pace University in 2005.

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